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  1. Thank you thank you. I definitely need to do some of what you did and purge. It sounds like you left the creme de la creme though - and that's the way it should be!! Like I said, I had been perving for another P for some years and the stars finally aligned in my favor. Pretty much every build I end up with happens bit by bit over (much too long) a time. I also hem and haw (read: get very particular) about every single piece so that it ultimately is exactly what I want. I was just playing it, and for me the marker is when you leave a bass alone for a few days then pick it up and yo
  2. Wow! I didn't realize how long I've been away. That LP with Bi-Sonics is hot! And of course, Kevinator's LP "Strat" is a joy to behold. Lot's that went and is going on, but after a very long drought (for me at any rate) I finally added something to the herd. I have a '76 P that's pretty awesome, but I've been wanting another with a J neck for some time. It all started innocently enough with something innocuous when I saw the gold anodized P pg on Reverb for a price I just couldn't pass on. Always wanted one. A couple months went by until I saw the next step - a rarely seen parted out
  3. Crimson & Clover - Tommy James and the Shondells
  4. Congrats - that's a very ambitious project indeed. Used to be the Moog board that would glitch and get discarded. Those are like hen's teeth compared to finding the pickups and the fact you have one is remarkable. I had a 77 RD Artist in Fireburst that was fully functional. I was never crazy about all the Moog enhancement but I thought those pickups sounded awesome. Mark V Humbuckers: “RD Artist humbucker Gibson part number 13066 (front and back pickups identical). Two Indox VII magnets per pickup. Resistance is around 6.5kΩ. Dimensions: 73.5mm x 42mm x 27.3mm. The RD artist bass pickups
  5. Welcome to the hit-or-miss world of Gibson quality control. This has been an ongoing issue with Gibson for years across their entire line. Lots of flawless, but enough glitches to notice. I had a 2000 TBird with finish issues, as well as an improperly mounted pick guard and a few other niggling things. Otherwise, a fabulous instrument that I enjoyed for some years. It's just really irritating that it carries into their flagship instruments, and at top dollar. BTW, no mention of basses for 2016 from them. Probably too much overstock. It's too bad - their 2016 guitar line-up is goin
  6. You should keep an eye on ebay - both current and sold listings, and reverb.com for ballpark figures. You can also subscribe to blue book for the current market value based on condition. I've seen them go for anywhere between ~$1600 to over $2K in retail shops. It's a niche market for these for sure. I had one for awhile some years ago and though unique, they're not for everyone. The last one sold on ebay was at just under $1600 and the seller accepted an offer. You might have a little more juice as the original owner. Set a price reflecting how soon you want to flip it and s
  7. There's No Tomorrow - Elton John & Leon Russel
  8. "Also sprach Zarathustra (2001)" - Eumir Deodato The funk influenced arrangement of the opening fanfare Sunrise from the film 2001 : A Space Odyssey If you've never heard this you are in for a treat.....
  9. (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone - The Monkees
  10. That's the way to go. Funny you mention a weak finish. Mine was white and it had some visible flaws in it too, as well as one or two other little things I wouldn't expect from their flagship instrument. Nothing major, but enough to get under your skin for that kind of price point. Like you, I felt the overall package was smoking, so I overlooked them. I know the Lulls are pretty outstanding. A bit rich for me at the moment, but definitely on my future GAS list.
  11. My initial response would have been to speak with someone at Hipshot - they are very much on top of which of their models works for various instruments. I was just looking for a set of black tuners to match the Supertone bridge I installed on my Jack Casady bass. Their recommendation for HB6C Clover 1/2" Ultralites was spot on for the look, and close enough on the fit (vs the metric holes which were a smidge larger than 1/2"). I would trust their assessment. The tuner spacing on your TBird was specific to this Grover model/style. I think you'll be hard pressed finding clovers to fit i
  12. I Want To Take You Higher - Sly & The Family Stone
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