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  1. Crimson & Clover - Tommy James and the Shondells
  2. There's No Tomorrow - Elton John & Leon Russel
  3. "Also sprach Zarathustra (2001)" - Eumir Deodato The funk influenced arrangement of the opening fanfare Sunrise from the film 2001 : A Space Odyssey If you've never heard this you are in for a treat.....
  4. (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone - The Monkees
  5. I Want To Take You Higher - Sly & The Family Stone
  6. When A Man Loves A Woman - Percy Sledge
  7. No question about it. I was weaned on Fenders and my first experience with a short scale was an old EB-0. Wow! I loved that this smaller bass had so much "bass" in it too! But it was many years until I acquired a mid 70's EB-3 that I kept for some years. I still find 34" scale my base line, but I do enjoy forays into the shorter lengths. I have an Alembic Mark King that's a 32" and is a really comfortable fit. I like playing it a lot. I wouldn't mind having some other basses in 32" as well. Now that Warmoth makes them I'd look here first for something well suited. Other than a Turser Beatle bass (for those brief forays into 30") my last shorty was a Triumph. Great bass, but once the novelty of it wore off I didn't play it much, so it had to go. Quite amazing though. The passive low-impedance pickups were very impressive. Going the other way, my hands find 35" problematic in first position. It's just enough of an extra stretch to exceed my years of muscle memory. I find 5 stringers too wide for comfort as well so I stick with my 4's. Hey, whatever works best, right?
  8. Truckin' - Grateful Dead "What a long strange trip it's been..."
  9. I've Been Lonely Too Long - The Rascals
  10. Thanks Kelv - I do lurk upon occasion. Time has been tight. I cruised through the other day and saw your post, had to pass this along. How cool to see these available - and for $99!!!! I started thinking too. This would have to be a "from scratch" build and right now things aren't conducive for that. But - if these are anywhere close to the Bi-Sonics I have in my Hagstrom, it would be worthwhile. They really do sound great!!! Huge tone. There has been a demand for them since the Darkstars came out from Fred Hammon. They got rave reviews. He finally stopped making them and that left a void for some time. A few other makers have current versions out as well. http://curtisnovak.com/pickups/BS-DS.shtml ($275 per) http://www.daguetguitars.com/index.php?gratte=62&PHPSESSID=d4540a6dba76158ce267e15bef83cf01 (in France) Seeing these from Guild is pretty cool since they're putting them in their re-issued M-85's and again, at $99 they're a steal. I may just grab a set and put them in the parts box for a rainy day....
  11. Hey Kelvinator! I was passing through and caught this post. You are in luck!!! Guild to the rescue...
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