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  1. Family first. A crapload of guitars second.
  2. led head

    New guitar!

    :- I Want That Axe!!! she's a beaute!
  3. Mostly, I like the versitilaty, because I play country, metal, blues, all that. but it's also my first REAL Gibby Paul! I love the looks of it too!
  4. Well, I'm gonna buy a guitar, Gibson (duh), and I kinda like the les paul studio. what can you tell me and should I go for it?
  5. I just got a new email account and need to switch it over, so i go to MY PROFILE, go to EDIT PROFILE type in my new one, and when I click SAVE, it goes back to my old one, no change#-o ! same on my epi forum account. what can I do????
  6. I just don't like the special. It was an option... but i do NOT like the special.
  7. i know what all yall are sayin, but i kinda like this epi... it has the same feel to it as this gibby, but still... it's a gibson!
  8. I can see that. I'm kinda leanin toward the gibby anyway. thanks
  9. Help me out. Please post which is your favorite. I was lucky enough to find both of these for the same price.
  10. gibson people! please bring them back!!!!!!!! i LOVE that guitar!
  11. I can't decide which one to buy. i don't want to buy the gibson because it is a better deal, or something like that...
  12. even if he doesn't use it, still a damn good guitar!
  13. go for it! it's a good deal i think.
  14. personally,it's not my favorite, but its still sweeeeeeet.
  15. That sounds sooooo.......... awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. the three screw truss rod cover is common on epiphone, but not so much on gibson. but it is an sg of some sort. but i agree with Ignatius, this guitar is either a fake or heavily modified.
  17. thats a beauty!!! how much was it?:)
  18. i like 60's neck. i got a 62 les paul from my uncle 2 years ago and fell in love=p~
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