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  1. I got my custom lefty J-45 in March this year. They did a really good job I ordered through Music Villa in Bozeman and they gave me a really good price. It’s a 1960’s retro finish in cherry red with white pick guard. It’s very light and sounds great. I brought it to the Gibson Homecoming this year. I just tried to attach the picture but it tells me the file is too large, even though it says 500 limit and the photo is 500. Anne
  2. I was there, once again. It was fun. Nice group of people and the jams were good. Didn't see you there, Hogeye. Must have been lurking behind a door or something. Several people picked up new guitars but there were no lefties, so I had to go home alone. So sad. Anne
  3. John Carlos - I asked about leftys last year and Don said none, no way, nope. I haven't seen him yet this year (just got in) but there are none at Music Villa and none expected I think we're out of luck. But I will ask again and keep poking at it. Maybe someday..... Anne
  4. did you get my reply on the custom hbird ? .

    take care

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