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  1. I got my custom lefty J-45 in March this year. They did a really good job I ordered through Music Villa in Bozeman and they gave me a really good price. It’s a 1960’s retro finish in cherry red with white pick guard. It’s very light and sounds great. I brought it to the Gibson Homecoming this year. I just tried to attach the picture but it tells me the file is too large, even though it says 500 limit and the photo is 500. Anne
  2. I was there, once again. It was fun. Nice group of people and the jams were good. Didn't see you there, Hogeye. Must have been lurking behind a door or something. Several people picked up new guitars but there were no lefties, so I had to go home alone. So sad. Anne
  3. John Carlos - I asked about leftys last year and Don said none, no way, nope. I haven't seen him yet this year (just got in) but there are none at Music Villa and none expected I think we're out of luck. But I will ask again and keep poking at it. Maybe someday..... Anne
  4. Already have my reservation made! Anne
  5. amp

    Montana fun

    Hey hogeye! Had dinner at Ted's too tonight. Must have just missed you. We hung around for a bit after and listened to Jeremy Morton play at the pub off the lobby. He sounds good. See you around soon Anne
  6. I got a Custom lefty J-30 a few years ago. Someone had ordered it and never picked it up. Great sounding guitar and sounds completely different from my Hummingbird Amp
  7. Dan - the serial number on the prototype J-45 is 03236020. This is the one he brought to Bozeman to compare to the new version. It has plastic pins. Anne
  8. Bob (RAR) does have a J-45 from the first batch of prototypes. The pickguard is under the lacquer. It did start lifting, but then pretty much stopped before it was a problem. It's a great sounding guitar. Sounds a bit like his war time banner's little brother. After playing it for a while the dulled finish got all shined up and started looking like a normal Gibson finish. Anne
  9. Thanks for the help. And -Juan Carlos - there's your OJ in action. Anne
  10. OK. I couldn't get a link even with help, but if you search youtube warblers lambert malloy its the first thing that comes up. Lambert is the friend who took the video back in December or so. Also, he was playing around with editing and other toys and only has about half the song but it's enough to get the idea of Bob's playing. Anne Thank you all for the nice things you have to say about Bob. He was the best person I've ever known.
  11. I want to thank every one for their kind words and thoughts. Bob was very involved with guitars, music, and especially Gibsons. And he loved nothing better than a good discussion (read argument) on this forum. His death was very sudden and unexpected. I want to urge every on of you to listen to your wife or significant other when they tell you you should maybe see the doctor. Seriously. This is a YouTube video a friend took go us doing a Mississippi John Hurt song. It's not complete, but it will give you all, especially the people who never met him, what our life was like. Coincidently, we're playing our matching OJs. Bob got mine from Juan Carlos just so we could do this sort of thing. He never did anything just halfway. http://youtu.be/Ve 90yfaHdw I hope that works Anne (amp
  12. They still had a couple this morning. So sorry. Anne
  13. I have Juan Carlos's Hummingbird's twin sister. Somehow, they made two left handed custom Hummingbirds, both signed by Ren. So when we were at the Gibson Homecoming in June, I had the chance to play it and bring it home with me. The serial numbers are consecutive but mine is honeyburst instead of the faded cherry. I guess Ren was practicing how to spell St. Patrick's Day Anne
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