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  1. I have all my guitars out (8 total) all the time. Here in SoCal - always 70 degrees - always about 40-50% humidity. But if I had that Gibson rack, I would probably use that!
  2. Does anyone know where he gets his guitars? Go to his YouTube channel and look at the guitars he plays. 20-30 of the most incredible vintage guitars - worth a fortune.
  3. Hi, I am an MD. Go see a hand doctor (Orthopedic MD specializing in Hand surgery) in your area. It could be a lot of things some serious (I doubt it) but some just from overuse. Before you self treat, its worth an Xray and see if you truly do have osteoarthritis, or just simply inflammation from overuse. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
  4. If you have $2600 to spend, I agree with the folks that say spend it. The nicer guitar will make you want to play it more, it will sound better, and will be easier to play especially barre chords. I would also reccomend a small body guitar that is easy to hold and you can sit with on the couch so you can practice chord changes during TV commercials, etc. Look in the Gibson small body section on the acoustic guitar pages. The Robert Johnson and Blues King are both excellent. Don't forget though that you can do quite well with a used one. Many of us have many guitars and buy and sell them after
  5. I try to differentiate playing and practicing by working through different books at least 5 hours per week, but playing as much as I can. I also leave my guitars out so every time I pass them I'll pick one up and try 2-5 reps of something I'm having trouble with. Good Luck.
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