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  1. Ya I learned my lesson with online purchasing. I feel a little bad for musicians friend. I will still do business with them as they are an excellent company just maybe not with guitar purchases. It's a little inconvenient to have to send it back in but oh well. Hopefully the next one I get will be better quality. -crosses fingers-
  2. I bought it from musicians friend. I called them and asked for an exchange and they were happy to assist me.
  3. I am not sure if I am just being critical of my brand new Les Paul. I want it to be as perfect as I can get as I paid so much. I paid a lot for a students budget...I am not very rich so I don't think being overly critical of what I am spending my money on is bad. The spacing on the tuners is off on one side...? I mean it's not SUPER noticeable...I know they drill their holes by machine so I am baffled how it is even possible for it to be off centered unless that is how they normally are. It is minimal maybe a half a mm. Is this normal/serious? Also there is a paint flaw. I'm just not sure...
  4. Well it looks legit from what I can see in the picture. I'm not to keen on Les Paul Classics. I know ones from 2000-2001 for sure had ink stamps and I'm pretty sure they have been doing it since 2005. The 2000 ones don't even have a made in USA stamp...so it's very hard to tell if it's genuine. I'm not sure if the newer ones have it though...I'd hope not since they are really easy to fake.
  5. I know certain sites you order from do setups for you..It was either sweetwater or musicians friend. The last guitar from sweetwater I ordered was very well setup, but maybe I just got lucky.
  6. I am not sure if this is plastic or chrome...Doesn't say but I'd email them and ask if I were you. http://www.greasygroove.com/proddetail.php?prod=00923-PU-P-C-P-MI
  7. From what I could tell in the pictures they are normal O.o I think it's just the same as the classic just with faded finish. But I will for sure get back to you when I receive it later this week.
  8. Looks like an ibanez inlay. Weird.
  9. Seasons


    It's an es-335 pro. It has Dirty finger pickups with a slightly higher output. Great guitar nice find :)
  10. If you're going for a Les Paul standard I would try to shop around for some deals but be VERY weary on Ebay...There are ALOT of fake Les Pauls on there. Just make sure you ask a lot of questions if it bugs them tough you're the customer. If it doesn't seem right don't buy it, don't risk it.
  11. Sounds like a Gibson L-6 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Gibson_L6-S.JPG Not sure though. I haven't been around long enough on this earth to be very much help.
  12. I just bought one today I'll be happy to do a review on youtube and here for everyone.
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