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  1. I'll do this. I have imgur. Thanks. I was thinking of just blocking the vibrola, but I'm hoping to make it usable. Thanks again. :]
  2. I was afraid of this. The dreadful vibrola setup. It plays well, but yeah, I bet the vibrola needs attention. Thanks. I'll go look. :]
  3. Hi again. It's me. Lol. SORRY for the huge story that's about to begin. Today, I bring forth another question, because I need a genuine answer. I've added an imgur link. You can see the difference of the bar locations, where it rests. I've had this guitar for almost 2 months now. Yes, I know the best way to set one of these units up is to remove them. Roflmao. I'm starting to go, slightly, insane with this vibrola unit(that I don't even use because I want to stay in pitch for as long as possible.) I've heard the horror stories. What is the neutral position for one of these? It doesn't ever reset position. Are these really push/pull units to reset the position of it to neutral? To pitch? You push the bar up, sharp. You pull it, flat. I did a bend on the treble e once, without the vibrola, on the 15th fret, and it made all of the strings just fret out... everywhere. I had to move the vibrola up, and down to fix the issue. This unit requires force to use. The nut appears to be cut pretty well. Overall, it's a very nice piece. I'm just having weird issues when not even using the bar. LOL? Another issue I have is... when you do use the sideways vibrola, it never comes back down into pitch. You have to pull it back down till it comes back into pitch. I've never used it dramatically. Just a slight wiggle, and unless I, manually, move the sideways bar into a position where the strings are back in pitch, the bar will just stay there. Are these really push/pull units? I assumed it would be, you move the vibrola unit, and it would just reset itself. I know this is how the Maestro/Lyre Vibrolas work. You can move the bar up, or down, not dramatically, and the pitch will reset itself. Is mine defective(more so than the others? Lol!) My apologies for the ridiculous read. I wish I could show everyone what I mean. I thought these units would be SORT OF usable, or that they wouldn't just do weird things to your strings when playing without using it. Frets out, sometimes, if you bend a string too far with your finger. Roflmao? When you use it, you have to retune like 5 times, because it'll just keep going out without using it. I do love this guitar, and I love my SG Diablo as well. I'm just seeking some guidance. I don't want to remove it. I just want to know why it's being weird, and requiring a little bit of force to use. Should I contact Gibson about it? Thanks. http://imgur.com/gallery/X8nGa36
  4. Yeah. I was concerned with the fact that maybe I ruined the originality of the finish, or something. I've owned a lot of Gibson SGs over the years; this is my first Custom Shop. Still have my 50th Anniversary Diablo Tremolo. This was my first VOS experience, and as I've read here, in the replies, it's just one of those things that if you play it, it just isn't going to stay hazy forever. Kinda like the satin guitars as you've said. I owned a 2007 week 10 SG 3, and as I played it, that flat satin feeling became shinier. I thought, perhaps, I goofed the finish. Yes, I kept sticking to the guitar neck, and that wasn't too enjoyable. I just like to clean my guitars with the cloth after every session. The place where my arm rests is now shinier, too. So, with all of that said, I think it's just similar to the satin finish. The more you play it, the less it will stick. I do appreciate the replies, and the humor. :]
  5. I have a question about the VOS finish. I bought this guitar about a month, or so ago. First VOS Gibson. It's a 60th Anniversary SG Custom. I may or may not have, accidentally, fudged the VOS finish to a gloss on the neck. It's super smooth now. 🤦‍♂️ Is there any way to restore that sticky VOS finish on the neck? Lol. I wipe down my Gibson guitars, pretty well, after every practice, and there wasn't an Owner's Manual with mine, or anything to indicate like... DO NOT VIGOROUSLY WIPE DOWN A VOS FINISH TO CLEAN IT. Roflmao.
  6. Oh, I think sitting there, and looking pretty is one of its best applications. LOL. 😝
  7. Yeah. I've heard bad stories; even from 10 years ago about stuff like this happening. I figured I might as well. They were the only ones with it in stock at the time. zZounds sold theirs the day I was going to buy one. Never had a problem from them. I have everything important; COA/Checklist, etc. Just was trying to get a couple of the other minor things missing; like the owner's manual.
  8. You're probably right. I've heard things like this happen before. I'm just not sure how, or why Guitar Center would remove some things, forget to put them back in, or just take them. LOL. Yeah. I'll probably just have to keep calling.
  9. Hi there, everyone. I bought this new 60th Anniversary '61 Gibson Les Paul SG Custom from Guitar Center. The seal was broken, and about four weeks ago(when I got the guitar), I called Gibson to see if I could get the following items that I'm missing. They said they'd call me back. Never did. After three weeks, I called a second time. I said, again, I'm missing the vintage tone circuit card, the white owner's manual, and another paper that just says the model, and serial; not the checklist.(Shown in the pictures below from another.) They told me to email them a picture, and that they'd call me back after they looked at the email. Again, I received no call back, or an email. Am I just out of luck on getting these three items? I paid cash for the guitar. I really love this guitar. My guitar was used as the stock photos on Guitar Center's website. Thanks~. :]
  10. I had a question about what the red marker numbers mean on some of the pots, pickups, and bottoms of the toggle switches. What do they indicate? Both of my mini pots are marked with a red 7. I've seen the toggle switches marked with a red number before as well. Maybe it's common sense. 😂😂😂🤷‍♂️
  11. Yeah. I was thinking the switch was probably not stock on mine, but it appears everything else might be? 😂
  12. Hi. I bought this guitar about three weeks ago, and I looked at the pots in this guitar, and I've never seen Gibson use pots like these. I was told the guitar was all original. I always thought Gibson branded their pots on newer guitars. Any information would be helpful. Thanks. http://imgur.com/a/VJ8bVUA
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