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    EMG's are great for metal although I would not mess with your paul. As soon as you change your pickups (which is easy to do if you know how to solder) you drastically decrease the value of your les paul. Exception to this is, if your a major recording artist then you can do whatever you like. Flip side if this is your main axe and you do alot of gigs and your not concerned about ever selling your axe ever then go for it. Alternate of course is to buy a really great distortion/overdrive pedal and get your sound that way.
  2. Get a used custom shop 57 reissue VOS three pickup, the guitar is killer make sure you play it first as every guitar is a little different. The 68 re-issue from the historic colletion is pretty sweet as well.
  3. What are you favorite strings, include guage and style of music. Mine are D'Addario pure nickle 11-48. Classic Rock including blues/rock ie Jeff Beck ect.
  4. I say leave your les paul tail pieces as they are and use traditional string thru. The guitars where designed to be strung that way. I cant think of any guitar legend alive or dead that used a tail wrap. If Im mistaken please correct me. My 71' paul has miles and miles of sustain and bends that go on forever and it is still set up to factory specs. Besides the greates guitar co. in the world must not think its worth anything or else they would be doing it.
  5. I like the old school way of pots and soldering. Modern tech is not for me. The best guitarist in the world never had issues-why change something that works. If you doing your own mods than make sure you know how to solder. Remember when amps changed over from tube to solid state. Everyone thought that was great until they realized what they originally had (tubes) smoked the solid state amps. The best part of doing your own mods is the wiring and soldering-who wants to make that easy by plug and play-boring very boring.
  6. Hello to everyone in this excellent forum. Hope everyone had a great memorial day and took a little time to pray for our soldiers. Had a lot of time this weekend to play my various guitars (all which are top notch). Once again I come to the undeniable conclusion that Gibson Les Pauls are the best guitars hands down. They are the most versatile and diverse guitars on the planet. The craftsmanship and electronics absoulutely are outstanding especially on the custom shop models and of course the vintage pieces are untouchable and in a class of thier own. Thank you Gibson USA for so many decades of producing fine instruments.
  7. tepidy


    I think gibson does a great job and offers guitars for all budgets. And I agree with most of thier pricing (really only exception is the hefty price for tom murphy aging he's good but not doubling the price of the guitar good. ) Charging a lot of money for a signature piece is thier right, after all they have to pay the artist for his name and why not he earned that and it doesnt matter if he needs the money or not. The alternative is dont buy an artist signature from the custom shop. Im sure if you had the talent to become a major rock star you would want to be paid. Bottom line is you get what you pay for. Bravo Gibson you have done a great job over the many years
  8. Definately find a pair of vintage sprague bumble bee caps with the following value of .22uf @ 400v You can find them on ebay for $100-$200 make sure the leads are long enough and that thier acutual value is close to the above mentioned. Worth the money sound awesome. If you dont want to spring for that much cash you can order great repo's from LUX capacitors.
  9. This is totally insane to do but makes a huge difference just dont do it to a vintage piece. Totally sand the finish off the back of your neck finish with super fine sandpaper then apply two coats of tung oil waiting 24 hours between coats. Your neck will feel like lightning. Great to do on your main axe that your playing gigs with.
  10. Anybody remember back in the 70's when the trend was to swap out your LP bridge pickup for a Dimarzio Super Distortion pickup. Have to admit they had a great sound and tone to them.
  11. Stay away from that one. Not quite sure they every made a black beauty with a rosewood fretboard (all ebony boards) the serial number does not even look right. If you call gibson and give them the serial number they can verify the guitar.
  12. Hi sok66 Yes the frets are the original fretles wonder frets and still have a little life left in them. I prefer medium jumbo frets although I will leave this axe in its original state right now. I thing my neck is atipical to this year, it is really chunky (not quite that of the 57' but close)
  13. Hi pippy the 80 LP was a great guitar and served me well. The difference between that and the 71 LP is that the bridge pickup has a little more grit when you are driving your amp. The neck pickup is a little smoother and the neck has more chunk to it ( I like a big neck). Gibson did a great job in the 50's up through the very early 70's (up to about 72) on attention to detail with electronics/ wiring / capacitors. I think from mid 70's through 80's they may have been taking some shortcuts although never the less stayed great. This guitar is not weight relieved and still comes in at under 10lbs.
  14. I think gibson custom shop does a great job at the VOS finish. I prefer it over glossy. The only thing I would like to see them do is age the pickguards. Seems they overlook them (looks like a new pickguard on a 50 year old guitar).
  15. Never to young to own a gibson. If you have the funds get it. you wont be sorry. Rock on little dude
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