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  1. I just read the title and thought it was wild! More than 2 women/guitars, you are a player! lol
  2. Heck yes, my 1st LP Standard in Blue Mist to match my Pelham Blue SG Standard. One hell of a badass tag-team!!
  3. Sorry, didn't mean to double post!
  4. Nice post, Izzy. I love the challenge of stuff that sounds impossible. I don't like metal personally, but forced myself to learn to thrash a bit because it sounds so friggin cool when tastefully added to a solo or something. I'm also not the biggest country fan, but use a lot of country licks, double-stops, etc. Blending techniques is a BLAST! Being musically diverse in what you play and listen to keeps you fresh.
  5. I found an awesome deal on strings that has saved me a fortune, that I wanted to pass on to all of you guys! If you are like me, you go through strings quite a bit, and this can be costly. I was always one of those guys who would go down to my local music store and drop $5 on each set of strings. American Musical Supply sells these awesome string sets, Darco Hi Performance Electric guitar strings by Martin, for $2 a set when you buy a set of 12. They are just as good a string as any I have played, only less than half the price. They also sell Darco Acoustic strings for just about the same price, I believe. Hopefully this helps someone save some dough!!
  6. Great insights, thanks fellas. I love these Gibson models because of their affordability and they carry the same hardware as some of the $2k+ models, allowing people to own a sweet SG or LP who normally could not. The Fender Road Worn guitars are just ridiculous to me. They look like they were drug behind a pickup truck on a mountain road.
  7. I think Gibson is selling themselves short by using the term "faded". I have owned several of these models and believe that they would be better off using "satin" as the finish description. None of the models were actually faded or appeared to have any kind of wear or fading on them, they just were not glossy. Worn just sounds bad, in my opinion. Thoughts?
  8. Music flowing through someone can make them do some strange things, my friends. LOL
  9. TarHeelKid


    In the words of Jim Valvano "Don't give up, don't ever give up"! Cheers to you, sir.
  10. Bro, you gotta catch the Fab 2 if they play near Myrtle while you are there. I saw them in Little River (N.Myrtle) last month. They are two dudes doing 60's and 70's stuff (and TONS of Beatles). One guy is on the Hammond and plays the bass lines with his feet, while his twin brother plays drums. They both sing as well. Unbelievable show for 2 guys. Here's a YouTube clip. Of course the sound quality is far superior live.
  11. Hendrix' All Along the Watchtower sent me to the moon when I heard it as a child..hell, it still does :) I have to choose Hotel California's guitar work for a second song. My band covers both of these tunes live, and we keep them as close to the originals as possible.
  12. Get another SG,lol. AMS Has a 24-fret SG in the dent n' scratch section with the Firebird X neck pup and an Iommi in the bridge. Looks like a 61 reissue w/ 24 frets. SG's rule!!
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