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  1. It's true that when i screw the tailpiece all down, i didn't notice any difference in sustain but only in tone (more bright). A friend of mine suggested me to change the gibson bridge with a tone pros (chrome again) as it could improve sustain and may be add more brightness to the guitar tone. What do you suggest me for improving my 61 reissue sustain? i am very satisfied with the tone the guitar has, the only thing i want from this instrument is to take all the sustain it can give!!
  2. I read in some forums that putting washers under the tailpiece is almost the same as setting it as low as it goes.Some people believe that the washers can help you to avoid string wrapping around the tailpiece. (don't forget that i want the tailpiece to be set up as low as it can in order to be more stable and gain more sustain.)
  3. what about putting washers under the tailpiece? What kind of washers do i need?
  4. Hi! I have a sg 61 reissue and i tried to low the tailpiece (in order to gain more sustain) but the high e string is touching the edge of the bridge. My guitar has a nashville bridge,is it worth of changing it with an abr-1 or tone pros? Mine is wide enough and as a result the saddles can move to a bigger area than those of other bridges (helps you to solve the intonation problem in sg's). I have tried to wrap the strings around the tailpiece, but the high strings lost a lot of sustain. thanks!!
  5. i think 500t would be too trembly, for my taste...i want to find a pickup with fat mids (not only high mids as the 498t has) and good definition as the 498t but less trembly. what about alnico iv, l. fralin pickups?
  6. may be you have right but what about the angus young pickup, is it brighter than the 498t?
  7. Hi!I have a gibson les paul custom with 490r/498t stock pickups and i am seriously thinking to replace them with 57 classic/57 classic plus or burstbucker1/burstbucker2....IMO 498t is too bright for my taste (i use mesa/boogie roadking and dual rectifier) and even though the palm mutings are sounding good enough, the open chords sounds very thin. The 490r on neck is too flat and lacks character. What kind of pickups are you suggest me for modern rock, post-grunge(deftones, foo fighters, nirvana)? thanks!!!
  8. yeah i agree with you about adjustments, but my main question remains, is it worth to change a 57 classic for a 57 classic plus on a 61 reissue?
  9. it is true that i had almost decided to change the 57 with a 57 plus or an angus young sign but i played on an angus young sg and to be honest i wasn't so much satisfied with its sound (too much emphasis on the high mids)...i think that you must avoid to put bright pickups (498t or angus young) on a sg because it's thin body doesn't help the sound to be big enough as it is at a les paul with the same pick ups. The issue for me is the fact that, if i put the 57 plus, could i have the rich sound of the 57 classic with more bite or too much high mids and as a result thinner sound?
  10. Hi! I have a gibson sg 61 reissue and i'm thinking of changing the bridge pick up for a 57 plus or a burstbucker 2 or a pearl gates....too many choices. I don't want to lose the character of this instrument but i believe that the fast palm muting riffs are sound too dull with 57 classic. what can i do in order not to lose the richfull sound of 57 classic and just add some more hi mids (avoiding to make the sound thin because i have bad experience with my previous sg, a special on which i changed the 490t with a 498t and the sound had been clear but also too thin....) thanks!! P.S I most play 90's punk stuff (offspring, pennywise....)
  11. May ask you another question? what's the difference between the sg angus young signature model and the sg standard, don't tell me is only the pick up and the lightnings on the fretboard...It's the wood dude! if you ever test these instruments without an amp then you will see the difference!
  12. les paul custom is much different than a sg because it has fuller sound and amazing sustain...les paul custom has different wood than the sg and that's why it weighs some kilos more...it's an acoustic organ itself. gibson knows better and put 57 classics or burstbuckers on sg, their sound fit better. Man i have a sg special since 2005 and i am very pleased with my guitar but it's good to admit that 61 reissue is not more expensive only for the pickguard, but also for the solid mahogany body, the slim and different sounded neck and generally the better selection of wood that gibson chooses for this instrument.
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