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  1. hey guys, I need some help...it's my boyfriend's birthday in a couple weeks and I know he really likes this band Delta Spirit and their song Trashcan on their imeem.com/deltaspirit page...I've been watching their video on http://crackle.com/c/Music/Delta_Spirit_Ode_to_Sunshine_EPK/2373624#ml=fi%3d%26fu%3d2452473 and the other day I asked my friend from umgd what kind of guitars their playing in the video but he couldn't tell. I thought about just getting him tickets to see them perform but I think he'll like it more if he had a guitar like his favorite band does. are any of the guitars they'r
  2. I can't really tell but it's a really nice guitar....oh man, if I had one of those, it'd be real nice.
  3. Richard was a great musician that's for sure and he'll always have a place in my heart. he will surely be missed.
  4. hey guys, I just formed a band with a couple of my buddies at school and my umgd roommate and we're thinkin about playing this song Trashcan by this band Delta Spirit that I just got onto not too long ago after listenin to it on their imeem.com/deltaspirit page. but the thing is that one of the dudes at my school is kind of a beginner playing on the guitar so we're trying to figure out if we should do this song or not. It's a nice jam though, but what do you guys think? is the song too complex? also another problem is that not all of the guys mesh when we're jammin together and i guess the v
  5. I was just wondering but does anyone know if Matt from Detla Spirit in their "Transhcan" video is playing a gibson acoustic? Im a just a lil curious about this...i've just been bugging to know. If you need to review the video you can see it here http://www.myspace.com/deltaspirit I really like this Band, they are one of my favorites. Cant wait for Ode to Sunshine to come out 8/26..im bound to play it everyday once i get it. :D/ C. umgd
  6. man, it's pretty ugly. i wouldn't buy it even if i had the money.
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