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  1. When it's strung up and tuned EADGBe the string tension is just too much to work with. If it had .050 JUMBO frets it might be more comfortable.
  2. Right ES 335 - 12 string. Mfg in 2013 Came with Gibson nickel wound strings. Replaced one at a time with Ernie Ball "Light". As follows: 9-9, 12-12, 20w-9p, 26w-12p, 36w-20p, 46w-26p. The main problem was that the tuning machines were loose. After removing a string and prior to replacement I tightened the hex holding the tuner into the head stock. That removed most of the disgusting noise. Had a difficult time tightening a 9 g string and replaced with an 11. Adjusted the truss rod and raised the action. Still has an odd sound. Not a BIG 335 but a BIG NOISY something else. Next try will be Ernie Ball 8's. By the way, that's me and my dog PAWS in front of the worlds largest ball of twine in CAWKER CITY, KANSAS.
  3. Check the tuning machines. They "Shake, Rattle and Hum".
  4. Can't have enough Tele's. The BIG + is that you can leave it out and the kids can walk on it, drop it, bump it, mash it AND it will NOT matter!
  5. Hi, I picked up an ES 12 string a year ago. The sound is ............... not what I expected. I'm wondering if a different brand string set would change the tone in some more delightful way. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Ditto on the SHERATION if you can find a "good one." My experience says it's a slim chance of finding one where the string vibration makes more noise than the frets.
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