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  1. Thanks Cap, but does this show to be a Les Paul?, I was looking at some other ways of reading this # and I thought at one time this was a ss# for an acoustic
  2. Got a contact that has this Lp for trade and just wanted to check if this the real deal ss# 01433287 He says its a 2013 ......thanks to all
  3. I too would like to have a copy of this as well, being an owner of a ES335 bealle st Blue myself, and now thats a rare color
  4. Thanks for the imput roadhawg, im not looking for advice on what to install, just starting a topic on others quest for tone. We all love our 335's but usually cant leave well enought alone. Im always trying new things, like I have 6 different late 60's to early 70's SF amps, my 335 really loves the Vibrolux and Super Reverb....things like that. We can all learn learn some new tricks
  5. Swapping pickups is something we all do and for various reasons, mostly to find THAT tone......tell me who's did you install and what were the results?.....this might be very interesting
  6. Here's mine................love it
  7. So glad I have found this post with lots of good info of fixing this little problem....I too have just purchased a new 335 custom, in Beale st blue. Fell in love with this thing when I first saw and played this visiting the Memphis plant showroom and couldnt wait to get home and find one of my own. To my dismay after finding one, new, getting it home but couldnt bond with it for a few days due to work. I discovered my bridge too was pulled or leaning towards the nut. Having read the post in here I too have replaced mine with stainless post, Lowes hardware fix instead if going to a Calloway or TonePros fix.....makes me sick I gave this much to have to fix it myself. I would have taken it back to dealer for this but didnt really trust them to fix it right or getting another 335, I wanted this one! she spoke to me, you know what im saying....just wanted to say thanks to all in here for sharing this valuable info.....also like you fish, its not 100% but way better than it was.
  8. hogrydr

    GTOW #42

    Picked this little baby up a few months ago and its a sreamer tru my amp setup, 2 1969 Fender silverface Super Reverbs.....anyone else out there have one of these? http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Divisions/Gibson%20USA/Guitar%20of%20the%20Week/LP-Classic-Custom-Week42/
  9. Just purchased my 2nd 335, and my last, first one I bought in 1976 to start college with. This is the sweetist I have owned. My wife and I stayed across the street from the Memphis plant a few weeks ago, that was my idea....and hanging on the wall was a Beale st blue 335. I fell in love.....just found one locally here in Texas at a dealer and snached it up. This will be my main ax for years to come. Ive been a player since I was 11, now 55 and still rocking, having had many Gibsons. My ? is can you tell me more about my purchase... model # is ESDTBE NH1, and ssn is 00479701......thanx in advance
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