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  1. got a lead on a vintage 1970s gibson hummingbird, serial number 623336. i called Gibson and they say it is an early 70's model, problem is, I want a 1971 model, year I was born. I tried guitar dater project and it lists it as a early 70s model as well. any other way to confirm what year it is? any input would be appreciated, thanks...
  2. renin74


    congrats r9, that looks stunning. got one from the 2007 run, like the silverburst better on the sg than the les paul for some reason. I have kept mine stock so far..
  3. highly doubt it, a buddy of mine just picked up a 2010 translucent brown one from centre city music...
  4. nice pics, is that an iced tea r9?
  5. I can tell you forumites that this is a smoking Explorer, played it myself! Didn't buy it because I picked up a vintage 82 "supposed" Korina Explorer earlier this year. Mine has a fat neck. Neo, how does this thing play for you? I played it at Patruno's and it was awesome! Congrats on the amp as well....
  6. Very good points Neo. Now is the time to buy things as dealers r looking to move stuff
  7. let me know neocon, i can help you or least be there when you make the purchase!
  8. like the antique teaburst 335, got one just like it..
  9. beautiful collection Neo, is that an original Danoelectric? I always love the doubleneck...
  10. i have it on layaway, a lot to drop on a one-time buy, so spread the pain out. Will pick it up early march...
  11. enjoy man, can't wait to get mine, serial number 60. I don't care if people have negative comments on my gear, unless they buy it for me!
  12. congrats! great guitar, got mine on lawaway to pick up next month!
  13. es 345, es 355 prs 25th anniversary hollowbody 2 fender 56 strat
  14. bought the JP #2 today! HE got me out with tax on the price of the tag! he is awesome. I may be on channel 12 news since they interviewed me before they interviewed BOB! Said good things about him. check it out, I am psyched, this is an awesome guitar. so many tonal variations,
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