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  1. Is that a 49-8-T and 490R or are they both actually 490?

  2. scmglotr


    Last night I ordered my second Les Paul, a 2013 60's tribute in vintage burst. It has a nice subtle flame on the top and weighs in at 8 and a half pounds. Best part is I snagged the guitar for 799 at sweetwater. took 200 off matching the guitar center promotion going on right now. Here are some pics from sweetwater, I will post some more when I get it tomorrow. Can't wait! Im gonna mod my 04 studio faded brown with a bigsby and some BG pups pure 90's. Then i'll have the best of both worlds, buckers in one and P90s in the other. I plan on putting creme pastic and pickguar on it this weekend as
  3. Funny this should come up cause I'm in the middle of doing a complete overhaul on my sg special faded. my upgrades are: 1. Grover rotomatic 18:1 ratio tuners 2. all new wiring, ripped out the pcb. includes 500k cts volume and tone pots, vintage cloth wiring, orange drop caps, switchcraft jack and switch. 3. did mag swap for A5 mags on stock 490s, sounds so much better. 4. chrome covers on humbuckers. 5. silver top hat knobs and blank 2 ply trc. 6. schaller strap locks. Only thing I still want to do is put in a bone nut. All this was on the cheap cause I did it all myself. Cost around
  4. I watched everything on youtube about wiring an ES style guitar. I just figured since I was doing caps and wiring why not put in top of the line pots and forget about it. I was just wondering if the mini pots would work cause being smaller in size would give more room getting them in thru the F-hole if I had to take them out in the future for any reason, like a pickup change or something like that.
  5. I have a satin 335 and it has 300k volumes and I want to change the caps and while im at it I thought i would put cts pots in seeing how working on an es is like having dental work done thru your anus lol
  6. Is there any difference between the cts 500k pots and the 500k mini pots? I was thinking of doing an upgrade on my 335 and thought the mini pots would be easier to get in and work with. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, chris
  7. Hi everyone. Im making a venture into fret dressing and was wondering what size crowning file would be best suited for my gibsons. Medium or large? I have an 04 studio, and an 11 sg special and 335. Want to clean up some fret work on my lp after a fret level. Any help is appreciated as always. Thanks, Chris
  8. I saw them in Detroit in march, second show of the US tour. Your in for one hell of a show. We were 7th row from the left side of the stage and it was an awesome show, especially when they did the songs with just pat and dan. As a long time fan its nice to see someone make it that actually paid their dues, unlike all this instantant stardom reality tv crap that churns out one failed career after another.
  9. Hi everyone, I have a question and thought since searching the forums and google led to no results I thought I might try here. I have a satin es 335 and was wondering if the hardware is nickel or chrome and most importantly is the tailpiece aluminum. Everything I see tells me that the hardware is the same on the gloss and satin models, but the satin has a nashville bridge and the gloss has an abr-1. Also the bridge and tailpiece look chrome. But it says they come with an aluminum tp and with the other differences im not sure it is one. Would there be any markings to identify aluminum or would
  10. I finally broke down and got the amp I have been drooling over for some time, the Blackstar HT-60 stage. Better yet I got it for $750! 2x12 three channel el34 based combo. This thing kills, and is really versatile. The clean channel has a vox style and fender style voice option. The two overdrive channels each come with a modern and vintage voices switch and the the isf knob gives a a ton of flexibility on my gain tone as well. I got the amp this morning and after 4 hours of play time I think I have found the amp I have been searching for. Build quality is solid, no cheap plastic corners or pa
  11. I know how you feel. Between work, taking care of the house, seeing friends and family, helping the wife take care of the baby and trying to spend time with the wife i have very little time or chances to let loose. Most of my playing is lower volume or an an acoustic. I plan on getting a blackstar ht-5R so i can get great tone at lower volumes and have the option for direct recording and headphone practice. Luckily my wife is really supportive and encourages the playing. Its just part of the whole wife and kids thing, hang in there buddy!
  12. lol it's amazing what punctuation can do for a sentence!
  13. On a trip to the store for diapers for our daughter and milk my wife surprised me with this cool guitar painting for my music room. better yet it was on clearance for ten dollars! Got me thinking, any of you guys have guitar or music related art where you play and store your gear? Lets see what you have in your music spaces.
  14. I thought the way she made it was pretty smart too. She made it with velcro so that it could be taken off and cleaned. She also made the part that goes over the bottom tubes wrap around them twice to protect the lower bout from the weight of the guitar against the stand. I guess she loves the girls too, not as much as our daughter but a close second :)
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