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  1. Thanks for the help, I got a Steve Vai distortion pedal. Works really well.
  2. I bought a new LP (New Player} and a Fender Hot Rod III Amp. Needless to say it is loud!!! How do I set the Amp and settings to get a sound like KISS and not be SOOOO loud as to dissrupt the neighbors at the same time???
  3. I have bad situation also...live in small apt...my junk is what used to be the dining room.
  4. They say 9.6 volt so would you sa so because I do not want to do any harm to one.
  5. Can anyone tell me if the poewr supply for a KH Crybaby will work with the Steve Vai Jemini pedal and the Boss RC3 Loop Station or will I need to buy the one made for each seperate one for each one?????Thanks for the help!!!!
  6. Sorry, Should I get the slash or Hammett?
  7. I read where his the only one with no power switch. I have LP using a Fender Hotrod deluxe lll. will I still be able to use tube screamer with the kirk crybaby.
  8. really thing I have heard is slashs alot of backfeed alot. I have a LP and Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III Amp.
  9. Just got a new Les Paul about a month ago and want to know what are some of everyones favorite ones. I like KISS music Metallica AC/DC Boston lots of 70s stuff of course Zepp, goes without saying.
  10. Left guitar to go get a drink got back and no sound comes out!!! Help from anyone is welcomed.
  11. I tried out an Epiphone Slash Then tried a 2011 Les Paul. There really is a big difference in the sound. Got the Les Paul and not regretted it and believe me I can not afford it but it is awesome. Looks like Ace's Les Paul from the 1970's!!
  12. I would love a tribute to the Les Paul in the 1970's (sunburst or cherryburst or whatever it was. I just got a 2011 LP that looks just like it and love it. Beginner here but I always wanted a LP and finally was able to buy one ; brand new. I considered the Epiphone Slash model and am so happy to have spent the extra money for the Les Paul.
  13. I just went and almost bought a Slash Epiphone and then compared it to a brand new Les Paul. The Slash was a previously bought but never played. Price was $750.00 so not a bottom of the Epiphone line but nothing compared with new Les Paul. Costs some more but really like comparing two different lines of guitars.
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