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  1. I wonder if a capo left on the headstock in these two positions over time might leave an X...
  2. A 2013 J35 I used to own. The holes are used as positioning references I was told.
  3. That guitar is a 1958 according to the serial number. It is a regular LG0. Some people erroneously refer to all LG guitars as 3/4 size, which they are not. A true 3/4 size LG guitar does not share the shape of a regular LG series guitar but has a narrower waist. Could be worth anywhere from $500-1200 based on condition. Lower end of the scale is more likely.
  4. It's an LG1, looks to be very late 40's to early 50's.
  5. I'm pretty sure you have an LG1 Note the center strip going down the back inside the sound hole in the pic of the B25 in the attached link. LG1's do not have this back strip. So unless the backstrip fell off your guitar, (which is unlikely) you have an LG1 1965 Gibson B25
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  7. Does the serial number on the back of the peg head match the serial number on the label? Serial number indicates it was built on Monday Sept.26, 2005.
  8. What Dave F said. Here's a link to an auction selling Kalamazoo repros, no reason to believe same guy couldn't pull of a Montana label if he was asked. He's also willing to print serial number on for additional fee, so he could print the rest of the description as well, one would think. Label could be forgery but that doesn't necessarily mean the guitar is not authentic.Why someone would want that particular description on a label is anyones guess... Ebay auction Gibson Guitar Label
  9. Based on the serial number, back bracing and bridge I'd say 1959 LG1.
  10. Looks like he's playing an Epiphone Frontier from the early 60's or a reissue of one, she's got a J100 extra I'd say.
  11. This Fred Head says good job, gave you a thumbs up on Youtube.
  12. I purchased it on Ebay from this seller http://www.ebay.ca/sch/4cn1070/m.html?item=251894893610&hash=item3aa61b0c2a&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Nice solid beveled pickguard,I would recommend him highly even though he's located in China. He has 100% positive feedback and I received it 12 days after purchase with no brokerage fees or duties.
  13. I didn't really care for the original pickguard on my 2013 J35 so I bought a dark tortoise teardrop guard to replace it with, now it resembles a Banner era J50.
  14. One looks original, the other looks authentic but not original...
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