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  1. I think Zt-3 is discontinued for all practical purposes.... I'll stay away from gibson owned steinbergers; pathetic customer service! You're better off getting a Carvin HH2X....I have a ZT3, and while I love it, my bridge has broken down, and I can't find parts for it, at all. It's better to buy something which doesn't end up being disposable.
  2. I've screwed the bridge of my ZT-3, where can I find the replacement bridge for it.... Also is it possible to fit some other bridge in it?... I dont use the trans trem anyways.
  3. Thanks again for all your support!
  4. Thanks for your support. I will definitely write to them, and hope they do reply. I picked the guitar up, on my visit to U.S. I unfortunately live in a third world country, and there disadvantages, as well as advantages. This disadvantage is quiet obvious, no accessibility to Gibson repair center, or support. The advantage however is the interesting part, I got the part custom made, and it cost me exactly $3.50 to make (cheap labor). So now I'm back in action. Enjoying the guitar like I should've, when I first bought it. I hope the part lasts though. In the meanwhile, following your advice, I'll be writing to them.
  5. I fell in love with it, the first time I played it. Excellent body balance, it doesn't lean forward or backwards, which I think is very important for comfortable, and relaxed playing. The tone is beautiful, crystal cleans, and if you want it to sound a bit warmer, just roll down the volume a bit. Tonally it's very versatile, I don't know if the tone is that great for metal riffs though, but for solo playing it's very decent. The playability for me is out of this world. Do keep in mind, this is my first steinberger. Good Luck!
  6. Thanks Guys. I've figured out exactly what's wrong with the tremolo. Every tremolo has a knife and a groove that it fits in. My TT3 should've had two knives (one for treble, and one for bass), and two grooves respectively, instead I have three groove parts, and only one knife part, which is making it slip. I only need to order the knife bit, and I'd be in business. Now if only I can find out, how to get that part.
  7. @ Be em . Thanks for the long reply. I'll email them and ask them.
  8. @Be em What do you think should I do? What's my best bet. If I somehow send it to gibson, do you think the repair will cost a lot?
  9. I have set it up like the video. The thumb wheel is exactly where it should be, but it still slips. I unfortunately can't send it back, as I don't live in US, and there are no guitar shops where I live, let alone a gibson dealer. I'm just wondering, if I need to replace parts, which ones exactly would they be. As I can get the parts delivered.
  10. I recently bought ZT3. What a lovely instrument. I love the tone, and the playability. I tried using the trans trem a few days ago. This is what happens; when I try to bend up or down over a tone (eg. c to d or c to Bb), the tremolo slips out of it's groove (the place where the lower trem knife rests). I then have to force the tremolo back into it's groove, to be able to play it. Do you think I need to replace something or can it be adjusted?
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