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  1. Good job groove..and good walk through Hogeye mentioned this is basicaly how they paint the guards at the factory... people wanting to keep the designs intact, this looks like the way to go. Will be interesting to see if the new paint last longer than the old... !
  2. Am I missing something i only heard about 10 seconds of a guitar being plucked...how can we make such sweeping statements about a guitar from 10 seconds of a youtube clip? I also would not kick this guitar out of bed ,,,the 10 sec's actually sounded pretty good to me :P
  3. I sent you a pm Fred regarding Never Sweat FB page

  4. Missed this thread before Nifty tunes there PM...are you attempting up strokes when strumming with the thumb pick I also am bringing strumming into my technique ... but find upstrokes not working too well..am starting to hybryd using finger for up strokes and tb for down..sounds poretty good those Blue Chip picks could be good..but $40 feck that !
  5. Don't some people actually look for checking on a vintage guitar.. to make sure its pukka I actually like some of the examples I've seen with it... nitro should check over many years..? unless its kept under the bed..or in a glass case
  6. Been meaning to comment on this for ages..but keep forgetting.. great stuff Mr.... fine picking and production. excellent
  7. Virtuoso Cleaner..will do this... been recommended here many times :) They also do a Polish for lighter cleaning... I think its great stuff.
  8. That sounds good PM...the sound of the 3 of ya is gettin bigger not sure about ya new avatar tho..heheh only messin...good one
  9. You guys are good PM.. nice upbeat stuff..I bet you are fun to see live... what shoes ya got on in these vids then ?
  10. Your cover of Fire n Rain is excellent Drathbun..very pro sounding I use pro tools and drum tracks downloaded from web. What midi files are you using for your drums? Do you make them yourself? also you play keyboard i take it?.. very nice
  11. Cheers for kind words Dennis. I use D'Addario EJ16's 12's strings on the Bird. gotta luv ya profile pic of Keith

  12. Thanks for compliment. Am I correct in believing you are involved in some type of professional recording set up?

    Always enjoy your contributions.

  13. man I love those small bodied Gibsons too... any info on this particular beauty Wily'( is it just a standard L-20 ?)
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