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  1. i was just sitting here minding my own business when this BS started i have seen it so many times on the web it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth ..i dont need it now.. i got a mod having a crack at me for being trolled and objecting ..i really dont need the sh*t right now it is not a good time ..my mum has just had open heart surgery and is extremely ill..i am not as tolerant as i normally would be..so apologies about making a scene here but i just dont need any BS right now so its better for me to avoid confrontational situations at present
  2. exactly there is to much of tnat on the web ..i thought it was pretty cool here but i am not going to sit there taking sh*t either and i am still finding it strange i got spoken to and not the trolls...i thought the rules here said not to flame others which i agree..i have used the web a long time and have seen all sorts of situations..i feel like i been told to take the BS or not use public forums...i thought mods were supposed to stop trolling..and i am supposed to say nothing if someone is sh*tting on me??..great now i feel confused
  3. yeah i am a bit the same i can spark up but i much prefer to be freindly or funny its just a misunderstanding on my behalf unfortunately the joke appeared between a couple of troll comments..apparently that ']' comment was originally different then edited.. i really believed there was a genuine attempt to stop infantile attacks in this forum..most are cool thats why i stuck around..hey we are middle aged guys we got enough maturity to have a good discussion and a laugh without stooping to cheap shots at other members..the web is full of that..i really love music but i hate @ssholes..so i try to stay out BS.. sorry bout the misunderstanding i appreciate you having the maturity to discuss it in a civilized way..i am still surprised that a dead thread got this attention..its all a learning curve for me
  4. hey i dont come to fight or for BS theres plenty of places where i can find that..i dont mind someone having a go at me or a joke but i wont take sh*t either ..theres always tensions in these sort of forums but i try to take it easy on people here..anyway no ones forcing me to use this forum i thought it was ok.. but i prefer to be cool with people ..in my country we stir each other and make jokes but if talk sh*t you will get sorted out ..oh well thats the web no theres shortage of ******s online
  5. sorry mate it seemed like a troll fest over BS i am like WTF?? it was a misunderstanding
  6. i usually do ignore *ssholes but i thought mods were supposed to stop trolls not protect em ..yeah i am into the music but i dont have to put up with sh*t either..thats what my whole point of using a mods regulated forum was but it seems the trolls are a protected species here and i am out of line ..sh*t i been using the web since 1995 i have seen all sorts of sh*t ..i was trying to be cool ..
  7. cool i actually do have quite a reasonable level of tolerance i just found those comments on a dead thread unnecessary and infantile ..i am used to this on the web i thought the mods were here to stop this ..i am sort of confused..believe me i am thick skinned but i have seen so much bs on the web ..but i guess i need to let these ******s have their fun..i could be doing this too by the way but i choose not to be like that as it isnt cool
  8. hey if you dont want me here its cool i can close my account if you wish..got to let these trolls have their fun ..i dont want to make a scene i am just sort of like WTF?? is this for real?? but yeah i can go if you prefer
  9. i dont mind some one having a joke but sometimes its unnecessary.. i have used closed fb groups trying to get the positive vibe but usually there is tensions there to ..there is a lot of this on the web maybe i should sop chatting online leave it to the trolls this is nothing compared to some places .. uumm are you suggesting that i am better of not using this forum cause i got trolled and didnt like it?
  10. toshiba are one of the good brands for sure i came close to getting a sattelite very nice machines they have always had a good rep
  11. hahha i remember them ..they were like rabbits every where in their day musicians used them for years as a midi controller hahaha 64 k of ram
  12. well done yeah a sony is fine for business and general type use an i5 is a good cpu you should get value out of that ..macs are good for people who use them in those ways in many respects pcs have basically copied them to improve.. all the major studios use macs for recording and apps like pro tools are setup for them which i find a little frustrating as things like firewire dominate the pro level interfaces and firewire is a mac interface that is pretty much been phased out i think you have made a good choice for ypou requirements i assume you got a sony vaio but an i5 is very good value..i went for an uber beast pc as i want to record so i wanted the longevity and powerful DAW but you have done well i think
  13. overall the forum is good i was really shocked by these comments i thought this was a dead thread and that we were only discussing general web trolling..why did they jump in and make those comments? is this facebook with kids trolling or adults talking about music and general topics..i see a lot i dont agree with or like but i just keep quiet as i respect that persons right to say that ..to jump in on a thread like that is infantile and off putting it makes me think twice about posting ..overall it is good here but trolls love the web and i guess heres no exception..to me theres people with issues and it shows in these type of situations..oh well **it happens .. theres alot of cool people here thats why i like it here cause theres cool intelligent musicians having an interesting or funny chat..and thats a good thing..i dont come here to fight with people thats infantile and ridiculous ..thats what facebook is for we are all musicians this is a good forum and a good chance to talk to interesting intelligent or humorous people who are doing someing intersting with their lives ..suppose i will get trolled for saying that
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