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  1. After listening to UFO's Obsession when I was 14 in '78, I just HAD to get my hands on a V. Not only did M. Schenker make me want a V, he's the one who inspired me to start playing guitar. To me, he is the epitome of melodic lead guitar playing. Just listen to Phenomenon or Force It - the lead breaks are like short stories...
  2. Thanks. I'm sure you are right.
  3. Thanks for your response. I'd just like to add that I have 4 LP Customs myself.....just not a '68 reissue. A friend of mine owns one and claims it is a lot thicker than contemporary model LP Customs. He says it's too thick for him and would choose a "normal" Custom over this based on the neck alone. I'm REALLY interested in a '58 RI V, but am now concerned about the neck.....yes it's on-line, so I can't check it out myself unfortunately.
  4. Hello, Can anybody please basically describe the difference in thickness of an LP '59, a '68 LP Custom, and a '58 Flying V?? I'm guessing the '59 LP's would be exactly the same as the '58 V's. The '68 LP Custom has a very beefy neck....is it possibly fatter than the 50's style?? I appreciate any and all inputs.
  5. Hello wise Forum, Has anyone heard or read about any issues in weakness, frailty, etc. regarding figured necks?? Specifically '68 Les Paul Customs? I like the look of them and would like to purchase a '68 LP Custom sometime with a figured neck, but my friend claims to have heard they are weak. I can't imagine why they would be....anybody have any experience with this??
  6. Okay, Are Nine, you have me convinced....I guess 3 of my Customs are in fact "weight relieved". It's just ironic that my weight relieved ones are so much heavier than my NON weight relieved Sykes LP Custom and my LP Standard R0.....I guess this is some SERIOUSLY heavy wood they use for the Customs.
  7. Thanks all. Thundergod, I'm sure you mean the Custom Shop RE-ISSUE solid bodies use the lighter/higher quality wood as LP Customs are all made in the Custom Shop as well (since 2004 or so). Just as a reference, my John Sykes VOS LP Custom isn't weight relieved and it is lighter than the other three Customs I mentioned......must've been the lighter, higher quality wood for that. My '95 is the heaviest, which weighs in at 11.5 lbs!! I'd sure like to know what it would weigh NOT weight relieved.
  8. Hello all, Can anyone please tell me exactly which year/model LP Customs have the weight relieved holes drilled into the body?? I have a '95, an '07 and an '08 and all three are easily over 10 pounds so I find it extremely difficult to believe they are weight relieved....as my friend insists. Also, does anyone happen to know how much weight this process removes from the final weight of the guitar? Thanks in advance for ANYONE who has knowledge in this area.
  9. Hello everyone! Does anyone have any recommendations for bringing back the shine on nickel hardware?? Thanks!
  10. Hey there Custom Admin, Maybe you could put a bug in somebody's ear to design one of these based on the '67 (or even '75) V with 498T's and 490R's (just like the LP Customs!). This would be MY dream Flying V & would order one ASAP. It's not THAT much of a stretch, is it?? Would the C.S. consider one-off custom orders such as this??
  11. Interesting... Thank you for the research!
  12. So, is it safe to say that: Serial #'s JS 1 - 66 = Aged Serial #'s JS 67 - 200 = VOS? Or did the VOS's start @ serial # JS 100?? It would seem odd to me if the numbers stopped at "just over" 200. Just curious, if you happen to know....
  13. I just wanted to add that it appears there were 100 VOS "Aged" John Sykes models built & 100 VOS Non-aged. I say this because I just bought "JS 173" which is a VOS Non-aged model. Seems logical, right?
  14. Sounds simple......and is if you don't have a more serious problem: 1) Ensure your intonation is correct on all strings. 2) Adjust your action higher or lower until the buzz disappears. If this doesn't work, then you undoubtedly have a more serious issue and should take it to someone (or a shop) who is adept at setting up guitars. Good luck!!
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