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  1. Looks phenomenal man, especially with those P90s. They remind me of a Casino's pups. Thats the exact finish I want in an Explorer!
  2. Hey all, I have a 1980 Gibson Sonex Deluxe 180, and I'm thinking of laying some cash down on a sweet modification for it. Picture an ES-5 Switchmaster and a Jaguar love-child... The idea is (remember, the Sonex is identicle in function to a LP Std.) to add a middle humbucker, give each pickup its own on/off slider switch (3 total), and each pickup will have their own volume and tone controls. Where the knobs are concerned, there will be 6 total, with a V/T for each pickup. The 3-way toggle will be replaced with the middle volume, and there will be a new hole drilled for the middle tone. The catch is every knob will be a push/pull pot. The volume pots tap each humbucker to single, and the tone pots are a phase inverter. So. Each pickup has 3 controls to it: an on/off switch, a volume p/p coil tap, and a tone p/p phase inverter. Now, this is all on paper for the moment, so can someone tell me whether or not this is all possible. Money and time aren't an issue, so I just need to know if it can physically be done. Thanks!
  3. Oh, I think everyone is replying about the finish on the neck. I meant the neck itself. I meant lacquer, but said satin finish cause it feels like a Fender neck now... The NECK, like the maple, is very thin. About 60% as thick as that of my Telecaster. I'm worried about the neck cracking at all because of how thin it is, not the finish wearing out
  4. Ok, so I recently finished the final coat of satin finish on my SG Junior's neck. The neck was sanded to oblivion to get rid of that red paint, and show the plain maple. The neck is probably half or 60% of the "depth" of my Telecaster (this is up where a zero fret would be). I'm curious about whether I will have any problems with this in the future, providing I'm careful with the guitar. It feels great by the way, a really unique feel. Any info/advice would be great. Thanks.
  5. I'm actually doing a similar project. Repainting, new parts, new strap. After doing a bit of research, and visiting stores, I decided on the Gibson '57 Classic humbucker as my new pickup. It's featured in the new SG-3, and has a sweet tone. Right now I'm very happy with my choice, as it really boosts the sound of the guitar, made of plywood... If you really want a unique guitar, grab a couple of lipstick humbuckers from GFS. They sound great (my friend put one in his Gibson Black Beauty's middle position), similar to a Danelectro with that tubey tone, but with much more power. Dirtyfingers are great too. Really loud though, so you might want to watch how you wire them. My personal configuration for your guitar would be a GFS lipstick humbucker in the neck: http://store.guitarfetish.com/gfsprhugococ.html And a Fender-Style Wide Range Humbucker in the bridge: http://store.guitarfetish.com/visphuclfest.html I'm suggesting the ones from GFS, both because they sound great, and are guaranteed to fit. Good luck with your upgrades! But trust me, get new tuners, Grovers come in black too!
  6. Hey, some of you may have seen my post about parts for an Epiphone SG that I've recently fixed up. I'm new at the whole modding thing, but I know how to use a soldering gun. My problem is that I'm not sure how to wire a new pickup to the existing electronics. Can someone, post or email me a PHOTO of the guts of an SG Junior? My address is devon.pelley14@hotmail.com if you are emailing the pic. Thanks, and have a good night.
  7. Well, you should probably sand the laquer off, and then stain the guitar. Thats what a friend of mine did.
  8. If I sound like a total noob to all of you, its because I am. This is my first guitar project... using my first guitar. I really have no idea what I'm doing so thats why I'm asking so many questions; so I don't royally screw up something that looks fantastic on paper!
  9. Thats buying Gibson solidbody mounting rings for an archtop guitar though' date=' so you'd think it would fit on another [Epiphone'] solidbody, right?
  10. Ok, here's my guitar: http://www.epiphone.com/images/FULLsgjr.jpg If I were to find a white, Gibson SG Junior pickguard, would it fit the Epiphone SG Junior??
  11. Thanks, both of you for the information. In reply, the pickup in the guitar isn't a P-90 like on others like it, its an Epi humbucker. Would I need to change the pickup cavity to fit a new Gibson or Fender Humbucker in it? I'm not going to be adding a second pickup, because the guitar is mainly just being alterec aesthetically.
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