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    Guitar playing and collecting (electric, acoustic, bass), jamming with my band, playin' the Blues, Classic and Southern Rock. Sound engineering and recording.

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I've been playing guitar seriously for about 35 years. Still trying to get it right. I sing, play guitar and bass in the Non-Committals. We do mostly guitar oriented Blues and Classic Rock with a few modern ones thrown in. Before the guitar auction in April 2011, I had a dozen or so guitars, electric and acoustic and basses. I found out about this big guitar auction in NC during the last week in April. It was too short notice to go down to the auction in person but luckily they simulcast it on the web. Unfortunately the pictures on the auction website were poor quality but it looked like there were lots of very nice guitars. I took a chance and spent all the money for our kitchen renovation on guitars instead. I bid on over 100 guitars and ended up with 18. 11 are Gibsons:


5 Les Paul's, 4 are Custom Shop,

Custom Shop Johnny A. S/N 024 from 2003

Custom Shop CS-336 2004 custom order one-off

Custom Shop Firebird non-reverse

Custom Shop Larry Carlton ES-335

Explorer Pro 2007 Guitar of the week

J160E John Lennon Ltd Edition 1999 #25 of 250 made.

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