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  1. Hey giddy up; looks like a ES355 to me. Johnny
  2. Looks like a 70’s T top to me. Johnny
  3. Hey Eddie; In the early 90s there were a few if I remember correctly. The SG-1 was 24 frets and a single Hb. There was also the SG-X (no pick guard and single HB), and the SG-Z with a HB and a single (not p90), early to mid 2000s I remember one with a HB and a p90 in the neck. Probably a few others along the way. Pics of the one in question would definitely help. Johnny
  4. It looks like something trying awful hard to be an L5-CES. But I don’t think it’s a Gibson. I could be wrong, I’m not much of an ES guy. Johnny
  5. Hey Greg; It looks to be a 1987 US-1. One of the more than a few times Gibson took a swing a the competition. Cool find, enjoy it. Johnny
  6. Hey; From 2006-2016 these were re-issued. Not all of them had a custom shop indicators (Logos) on them, but there weren’t any regular production dc’s with these appointments at the same time. serial number format fits CS, with this serial I would say 2008. Fairly certain that’s what you’ve got. Hope that helps Johnny
  7. Awesome Selling a blue to fuel more blues. Johnny
  8. Hopefully because you want to and not because you need to, nice looking guitar. Good luck with your sale. Johnny
  9. No worries, I was a little abrupt. Gibson has used numerous serial formats over the years, and they don't always make sense. If you check the link I posted you'll get an idea of what I mean. Johnny
  10. TV yellow has always been my fav colour on these too (and the specials). I get all the rarity and demand stuff, just not worth it to me and where I am in life (and to be honest, not sure I'd ever spend that kind of cash on a guitar). I own both (not vintage or high end models) and my preference changes with mood. Didn't mean to rain on you or anything, it really is a sweet guitar. Johnny
  11. It's killer for sure. I know where there is an equally clean early 60's SG Junior for half that right now. Yeah I get its rarer than the SG, and to ME all that vintage gear is way over priced for the most part, kinda like vintage muscle cars. Some of that could just be due to the perspective from my side of the fence though. Johnny
  12. I'm sure it does, one day I will find out. (Just need the exchange rate to get better) Never bonded well with Teles, had one a while back, put just about every pick up in the neck, fav was a p90. Just could not get along with the neck. Have a Squire Tele right now, has a beefier neck which is helping the bonding process. Hmm....might have a soap bar somewhere in the parts boxes. Johnny
  13. That is gorgeous, but for that kind of cash there's a lot of other p90 guitars out there that would allow the peace present to the wife too. Johnny
  14. Lol no not SD, although he does have a staple pick up that's been screaming to go into a LPC in have. One day I'll find out if it sounds as good as it looks. That is a terrible terrible problem you have, especially with all the shops closed, can't buy what you cant touch.
  15. Yeah the noise isn't for everyone, but that tone. Maybe sacrilegious but you could always pop a 100 in the neck of one of those tele things you like so much.
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