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  1. Johnny 6 String


    That's what I'm talking about, SWEET!!!!!!!
  2. Where's the sample of your mad camera skills? Eagerly waiting
  3. Hi, thanks for replying to my post earlier, could you possibly explain to me what the extra smaller switch is on the guitar? I don't see it on others of the same model? is this because the pickups were changed? 

    Thanks,  Mias

  4. Do you ever “store” a tuner on the head stock?
  5. Hi Me.; Looks like a modded SG-100 from the early 70's. Some one added a bridge pup and removed the tone for a switch. There was an SG-200 that had two of the single coils and sliders for each instead of a toggle. This look familiar http://www.guitartraders.com/5468 Hope that helps Johnny
  6. Hi John; I'm no expert by far, but I think this was used late nineties/early 2000 on some Elegant and Ultima Les Pauls. If I'm correct yours could be a 98. I dont think the Custom Shop as such until the early/mid 90's, so that lines up. Looks like an ebony board, so tells is that an Elegant or Ultima? Johnny
  7. Hi Syrion; Looks the real deal to me and in pretty good shape. Gibson used 8 digit serials for quite a few years. 1st and 5th digit give you the year. So in this case 91 is correct. Good Luck Johnny
  8. You can try these guys too, excellent to deal with. https://nextgenguitars.ca/products/generic-mini-switch-dpdt-on-off-on.html Hope that helps Johnny
  9. Hi Ole Hawk; While the parts you seek might be available, i doubt you will be able to buy them directly (unless you see them listed on this site under the gear tab at the top of the page). i would guess that you will have to find an authorized dealer and obtain the parts through them. Failing that keeping an eye on ebay reverb, kijji etc. Johnny
  10. Cute kitty, remember to keep it away from your cases ;) Johnny
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