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  1. I own a deluxe reverb, best amp ever. Yes a pedal for bedroom levels. I use the champion 600 for bedromm with a boss me 70 for portable messin around, and a deluxe reverb for live show, with my trailer trash board that has a ocd for the overdrive. Awsome. The deluxe is clean up to 5 ish depending the gtr. Otherwise shreyer audio has a few nice amps. check out pro gtr . com (http://proguitarshop.com/store/amplifiers-c-4) they have great line up.
  2. My neck , back of it got sticky all the time. Coukld not stand it, mt 52 tele hot rod was the same. Flap wheeled it and it's all good.
  3. I have had mine since they came out. Not sure a few years or 2. I like mine, to me the neck sucked, the feel so I took a flap wheel to it. Better now. Did that about 2 weeks after I got it. I do it to most of mt gtrs. The ES 339 is to Gibson what the Strat is to Fender. A very versatille gtr. Lighter in weight than my paul and nice to play. 60's slim neck althought different than I thought, almost seems wider. Still very nice . Was playing iy before I got to the posts. 57 's classics, nice looks, vintage sunburst. All good
  4. too my understanding it just howe the amp sounds, esp crate combos. I wouyld move it on.
  5. "Yes, because Les spent a number of years modding/creating many different variations of it, until he made it his own." uh ?
  6. Yes, because Les spent a number of years modding/creating many different variations of it, until he made it his own. Uh?
  7. Thanks for that - nice web page and dude you do have some gtrs wow!
  8. Dude, awsome. I don't have the means for that many Les Pauls - I do have a few nice gtrs. I was just curious of the thought about the copy of a copy and how Gibson is capitolizing on it. As I said, I would be more interested in the idea of a "speced " guitar. Slash, Jeff Beck, etc . I love the Slash neck, I shave mine. The SD pick ups are also good, Ironically I use the same caps in my standard. Not wanting to rain on your purchase or piss anyone off, just like to know what the real Les Paul players are thinking..
  9. dude the Les Paul came from Les Paul - he created the Les Paul. Took years. Eric Clapton did not create the Strat nor did Slash create the Les Paul. The Derrig Les Paul is a killer copy, like my Tokai, Epi. Neither are true Les Pauls. Which many have dumped on here. The copy. So now the "copy" is okay if Gibson makes it? Like I said, no disrepect. Just getting a feel for what these apparent Les Paul owners are thinking about Gibson copying a copy to sell. Duh Do we really need the name "Slash" , and i'm hard into gnr , slash, etc . Got the new album, yes I do. But why not a slash spec guita
  10. No disrespect , not into signature models of any kind, but is it not ridiculous to buy a copy of a copy - even Slash's favorite Les Paul is not a Les Paul. I mean does that not tell you something ? Even more ridiculous Gibson is selling them. My Tabaco burst 01 standard does what I want it to do . Does not make me write better songs or play better if it had Slash's name on it. Funny the only thing you guys say you don't like about is the Slash logo scribble. Why not buy a nice Les Paul ?No dis , just weird for me, each to their own, just read the gtr mag about this one, kinda weird.
  11. I owned the rivers 1x10 clubster. I installed a 12 in celestion. Eventually sold it. The new Rivera stacks look good,thr tre's , but ?? I have a 22 watt fender deluxe reverb, should have bought it first. The rivera was never the amp for me. the choice is yours but being a previous owner of a rivera and having sold it......says something w
  12. Could be alot of things. My gtrs,les paul,tel, es 339 , martin hd 28 stay in a climate comtrol room at 45% - 55% relative humidity, and when taken out I follow the case procedure. Ask yourself where you store it ?? Humidity , do you take it from very cold to warm ?? I live where it gets dry and very cold in the winter so I'm extreme about.
  13. go with what feels good in your hands, brain and common sense. Don't over think it. One day you will have the other one, be it les paul or studio. It took years to get my most recent les paul, not my first one. My first was a studio, it's been sold for a while now. But they come and go depending on yourself. I love 57 classics, they are in my les paul and 339 . The epi les paul I have has Santana III's . I stll love that guitar. Think it out, who knows if either will be there when your'e ready to buy. Once you get past the money timing and other stuff it comes to tone and feel. Regardless of l
  14. I sat with bot gtrs for a hour or so and they are good. The audio pots seems to okay for now. RS guitars does have a good sale going on. When in need I may change them. For now it's all good
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