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  1. Skip

    Les Paul Axcess

    fyi: http://www.gibson.com/en%2Dus/Lifestyle/Features/les%2Dpaul%2Daxcess%2Dstandard%2Dthe%2Ds/ http://www.gibsoncustom.com/flash/products/lespauls/axcess/AxcessIcedTea.html http://www.gibsoncustom.com/flash/products/lespauls/axcess/AxcessGray.html
  2. Skip

    LP 68 Custom

    mbrad2112 - I got a really good deal on a Triburst flametop from Guitar Center.
  3. Skip

    Les Paul Axcess

    Guitar Center told me the product is not available and MF told me only by special order... I'd rather see a factory installed kahler les paul custom, like the 80's customs... still going to get an Axcess though!
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