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  1. Holy crap, it's a sad day when a counterfeiter can make their pickguard stick down better than the one on my Hummingbird.
  2. Played along with the Opry stream on my Hummingbird this evening.
  3. Not just pianos, get your hands on their L series acoustic guitars in the 26 and 36 range. Very nice guitars.
  4. Not trying to be the negative one here but have you considered the J45 isn't the guitar you're looking for? Obviously I would suggest a string change to lights before you gave up on it, but maybe it's not the exact model you're looking for. Make no mistake I love mine, but I bought it while shopping for a Martin D28.
  5. Congratulations Buc on the new Hummingbird. I wish I could say I liked the look of it, but in the words of the great Keith Urban "blue ain't your color".
  6. Why didn't you get a new nut cut while it was in? Would have fixed the cosmetic issue as well as the functional one.
  7. That's basically the same as my experience. As much as I liked my J35 for flatpicking, I couldn't get past how thin it would sound when strummed and ended up selling it.
  8. I didn't realize they were Chinese, kind of like spending 2 grand on a Jackson and getting a licensed Chinese Floyd Rose.
  9. Laminate bridges and fretboards to be exact. I still say those kind of cost cutting measures shouldn't have taken place on an expensive guitar.
  10. Who knows? I hear he just had a different opinion that may have been misinterpreted as a slight. Could have wrote a multi point response to this silliness but would rather just play guitar.
  11. I've bought a lot through L&M over the years including a couple of new Gibson acoustics, both of which I purchased the extended warranty for. When my Advanced Jumbo needed work, all of which was supposedly covered on my performance warranty card... I was turned down flat. After which I was told if I wished to bring it in I would be looking at a repair cost to the tune of $400+. I brought my guitar to Reid Music (a certified Gibson dealer) and paid less than $200 for the same job. So yes I would say performance warranty or not after 365 days you're on your own. While this may not be the case if you're a former employee with connections, it was for me.
  12. Dave's in Canada Drathbun, Ontario if I remember correctly. There's only a 1 year warranty on Gibson guitars up here and it's through Yorkville, I figured you of all people here would know that. $6000 or $1000, 365 days later and all of those problems listed in the video are on you...
  13. Before you sand down the stock saddle on both guitars why not check the relief on them? It's simple capo your first fret, press your finger down on the 14th and use a feeler gauge to measure how much you have at the 7th fret. I like for mine to be right around .008 and a 12th fret string height of around 3/32. If your measurement shows that you have too much relief just remove the truss rod cover and make a small quarter turn clockwise adjustment. Another suggestion is to check the top of the guitars, they could have a bit of a belly from too much humidity.
  14. And yet none of that matters. Tours, acquaintances, owning a business.... I could go on. But none of it matters, it's Henry's company and what he does with it is none of my business. I just hope Gibson keeps putting out great guitars and I'd rather play mine than argue with strangers on the internet over what might happen.
  15. I have a TD35 and a TD35RB and agree with everything Buc said above. How the pick glides through the strings while flatpicking has to be my favorite part though.
  16. I'd look for something more like this. I'm sure intonation might be a tiny bit better with the adjustable saddles, but I think what makes a wraparound bridge ring so well is the fact that it's just one solid chunk of metal.
  17. That's a rough one, I'd prefer an old Norlin era in good shape for a few dollars more.
  18. I haven't tried one yet but the videos leave a lot to be desired for the price point.
  19. I would wait until I had a chance to try one or buy it from a store with a good return policy. I've played a few over the years and every time I hung them back on the rack, just wasn't for me.
  20. I did that on my Masterbilt a few weeks after I bought it. Since then I put one hand on the neck and the other on the lid of the case, knock on wood or I should say no more knocks.
  21. I know for myself the past few price increases have been too much. I'm not saying they should give them away but I paid over $1000 less for my 2014 J45 Standard than I would for a 2018 today. That's a tough pill to swallow.
  22. Mine ranked for their plugged in sound: 1. Godin Multiac Duet Nylon 2. LaPatrie Hybrid 3. Gibson J45 Standard, J35, Songwriter Deluxe Studio 4. 70s Gibson SJ Deluxe I prefer a microphone any day for a steel string acoustic guitar, pickups just sound terrible especially when compared to the unplugged tone.
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