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  1. ESPguy

    EMGs SUCK!!!

    I met a moron who put an 81&85 in his Les Paul. You could stick those emgs in a block of styrofoam and get the same no tone sound. What a waste of mahogany!
  2. ESPguy

    My first SG!

    The best sounding SG I ever heard was a yellow SG with a seymour duncan distortion in bridge. A friend was picking out a new Les Paul, after playing probably 7( Les Pauls) I grabbed the SG out of the used section, and it smoked all of the Pauls.
  3. I had a 500T and 496R in my V, and was awesome. Sustain city!
  4. Yeah, its the nut, not the tuners. The string grooves on the nut are tight and hold the string snug when tuning down, this is why the guitar goes out of tune immediately at the first bend or even fretting a chord. Always tune up (sharp). I have a '61 reissue and with 10s it plays perfectly and stays in tune. With 9's the strings were getting wedged in the nut grooves, and it was a bit trickier. Take the guitar to a luthier, and get the nut filed, or do it yourself.
  5. I have a 2008 '61 reissue SG with no neck dive issues. My vintage SG Junior is terrible though.
  6. Unless you are selling it, I wouldnt worry too much about it.
  7. ESPguy

    Flying V 2

    There is 2 of them on ebay right now actually.
  8. ESPguy

    Flying V 2

    There is 2 of them on ebay right now actually.
  9. My band's manager got it. I will find out... His office is in LA. I would prefer the one with the floyd rose, actually.
  10. Mine was a replacement for a stolen ESP paid with insurance money.
  11. U can bolt emgs in a les paul or a block of styrofoam and get about the same tone. There are lots of high putput passive pickups out there, such as SD Invaders, X2N, Evolutions,Super 3, JBs that will sound a hell of a lot better. Im endorsed with ESP, and most ESPs come with EMGs from factory. I yanked every last one of them out and replaced with hot passives, and changed one to blackouts.
  12. About the amp - Im endorsed with Mesa but love Peavey tube amps better. I loathe most Mesas anymore, but there is a couple that are ok. But with Peavey, you can try the 3120, JSX, 6505,XXX, 5150 and get the same results at a fraction of the price. The only difference is that the peaveys have better tone, period. I used to be an EMG guy, but now switched to blackouts and passives. Peaveys, yep, I said it. Someone had to.
  13. Dip it in wax, that may cure it, or get new pickups.
  14. Nope, didnt realize I was in the vintage forum.
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