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  1. Hahah! Trust me this isn't the most financially savvy of moves but to me it's the only thing I love.-- Music is my religion. And plus I gotta justify the 60 hour work weeks somehow! Ebay message sent! Gotta somehow play that bad boy first...
  2. Thanks for the responses everyone. -- Long story short I've completely decked out my electric scenario and have yet to splurge on anything on the acoustic end. --- I love the look and history of this guitar and i'm at a point where money is not an issue. -- Just want to step up my acoustic game and never look back!
  3. Again, thanks for the in-depth repsonse on this.---Much appreciated. I try to be objective with these sorts of things and I'd be inclined to think that a blindfolded tone test would only yield to experts ears, but most might not be able to notice a largely distinct difference in tone. Now having said that I'm sure the true vintage is most likely a superior beast, but that's not to say that a maple re-issue can't make it in the ballpark.---Going to get out there and play some of those some more. Thanks for the help everyone.
  4. Are the True Vintage HB's simply an after-market resonance now?--- I'm literally only seeing one or two even on eBay.
  5. Thanks for the color on this, E-minor! Is the vintage Mahogany leaps and bounds a better tone than the newly introduced Maple? I'm looking for a Bird in the Heritage Cherry Sunburst hue.--- From there, I'm a bit indifferent to minute cosmetics, but am just looking to maximize the best tone/play-ability. So from top down, with this hue in mind, what would be the ideal(ish) models to hunt after?
  6. Happy Sunday Everyone! So I'm looking for a Hummingbird guitar. -- I've made up my mind and it's just what I would like to buy. However, having said that, after some due diligence I've obviously uncovered that there are specific makes and types to pursue. From what I gather, the True Vintage is the most desirable of the category. I've yet to really find any out there though, so I'm assuming these are no longer in the market? If this is the case, are there any being currently produced that are of worthy quality to purchase? If not, what would the next choice/era be? I'd rather play a model at guitar center or a local shop and test it myself, as opposed to just blindly ordering a bird just because it's the ideal make/model. So that sort of puts me at a restricted to recently produced models. --- Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hey Everyone! This is my first post as a member and low and behold, its dealing with the belabored PAF topic. However, seeing as I do need some rational and realistic insight, I hope that you guys can help me out. Having said that, my goal as a guitar player at this point is in my quest for tone. I currently have a Gibson SG Standard that I bought about a year ago, playing through a 50 Watt Marshall JCM 2000 DSL and an older Ampeg V412 cabinet (4X12). As of right now, my tone is a bit too neo-overdrive heavy for me, and I'd like to achieve a tone similar to that of the Classic PAF sound for Rock and Blues. To be more specific, my favorite tone aspirations parallel that of Mick Taylor and the Eric Clapton Beano/Cream phases. For Pickups, my guitar currently has the 490/498T combo. So my question to everyone is, starting from the ground up, how can I go about obtaining a sweeter tone like those mentioned above? I've done my research on the nature of PAF's and that they all produce different tones and all that, and there is not ONE way to get that special tone... but I basically want to get into the ballpark as much as I can possible. I know these guys played LP's but I love my SG and the balls it has. I was thinking about starting with a pair of Wolfetone Dr. Vintage pickups. I have only heard a TON of great stuff about those pickups and they seem relatively affordable compared to Throbaks. From there, what's the take on switching caps and pots? Is this really something that can help? And if so, how can I go about switching them and to what products? Also, is this kind of tone achievable through the amp I already have? Or would it be worth considering purchasing something along the lines of something from Metro or Orange Amps? Perhaps a Bluesbreaker? I play guitar for hours a day and really keep my technique strong... and I'm also currently learning how to play slide, so I know that tone's just half the battle. I just feel that for my current skills, I'm stuck with a lack luster tone. So long story short.... I need some help guys. Also.. I love this kids tone.... It's a great place to start when thinking of my direction http://www.youtube.com/user/martys13#p/u/35/gg4Qh5gzpEs
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