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  1. Great thread ! I too have a musical family. My dads uncles were musical and played brass instruments. My dad was in several different beat groups back in the 60s when this was the craze in our town they even had fan clubs ! I then took the banner and started playing guitar, when I was 13 my dad gave me his 1968 telecaster which I still have. I now play in a band with my brother (keys.bass) and sister(singer/keys/guitar) who also turned out in the family way And now my daughters and nieces are brining up the next generation. My 15 year old niece sings and wants to study acting and drama, her younger sister 9 plays piano. My daughter 8 plays piano and some guitar and my youngest who is 5 is learning piano as well. In fact the 8 and 9 year old took part in a music festival last week, playing at the governors ballroom on a steinway ! Some pics..... My Dad early 60s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekejmmi3RNw&feature=player_embedded Our Band http://www.eazi-k.com/gallery/nye05/index.html
  2. From an online store in Europe (I'm in Southern Europe) it's made by Stagg and was cheap to boot as well. Had it for a good 7 or 8 years now and still going strong
  3. I've got one of these for my gigs, has felt interior like a case so no probs with nitro.
  4. great thread guys... quick question can one have different game saves ? for example I want my daughters progress to be saved separately to mine .. thanks !
  5. My LP DC is signed behind the tailpiece, with a sharpie back in 2004 and never had any issues, mind you I bought the guitar purposefully to have it signed and dont play it that much also might be an idea to look into those transparent film protector type products to save nail marks etc.. http://www.stringsbymail.com/store/oasis-guitar-armor-static-cling-finish-protector-oh-4930.html
  6. Custom Parts Tele I built recently ... you read about the whole process below http://www.gear-review.co.uk/reviews/wdtelebuild/index.htm
  7. wow what a lonely post, might have got more hits in the SG forum actually. here is a review for my 61R1 which I got in a trade, lovely guitar. Review as to new or used I think that depends on your budget and what condition the used example is in. hopefully others will chime in with opinions !
  8. seems my LP trio have all been discontinued. Studio + in Desertburst, Bought at LA GC 2003 Classic Goldtop bought at Nashville GC in 2004 and Faded DC bought at Rudys NYC and Signed by the man himself.
  9. If you change the string gauge you need to resetup the bass again inc the bridge, intonation, truss rod etc...
  10. did you adjust the action i.e truss rod etc... to take into account the lighter strings ?
  11. SG Bass on the way !

  12. SG Std Bass in HC coming shortly in the meantime here are my j-basses Marcus Miller Sig Fender Japan Fretless My brother also has a Music Man Stingray and Roscoe Beck V we use in the band
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