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  2. Hi Everyone, I bought my Sheraton about a year and a half ago. Although I love the way it plays, like many I’m considering changing the pick-ups. The local guitar shop has recommended a Seymour Duncan SH1 '59 and a Seymour Duncan JB combination. Does anyone have experience with this combination? Or would I be better off with a pair of 59’s? I Like jazz, blues classic rock and am using a Fender Mustang III. Thanks!
  3. I bought my Sheraton about a year ago new and mine does the same thing. Interesting though; I went to GC, tried the one on display, liked it and the sales guy said he had a brand new one still in the box so I decided to buy that one. When he brought it out I found that the one in the box had a “significantly” thicker neck than the display model - big difference. Even thought I would have preferred to buy the one in the box, I liked the thinner neck so much I ended up buying the display model. I would have thought the necks would have been more consistent. I agree, it doesn’t take much pressure at all to alter the sound. I’ve got used to it and, so far, I haven’t had any problems at all.
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