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  1. Hi Scales, A few have come up recently but they have been in the back of beyond and folks seem reluctant to courier so I live in hope!
  2. Hi folks, it's been a long while since I posted anything in this forum. I have no idea whether I'm in the right section of the forum at all but I am looking for an Epiphone Wilshire '66 re-issue in worn cherry...hardtail preferred but equally as happy with the trem bar equipped beastie. Any help would be fantastic!
  3. Hi buddy, I realise it's a hottly debated topic but I found this online about OP Amps as I hadn't even heard of swapping them til a colleague mentioned it so I had a quick scoot around and found this.
  4. Great thanks for the replies, existing in very little space at the moment ...moving to a bigger haunt in August so I will crack on with the suggestions then! thanks again
  5. I actually run my BC30 through a THD hotplate to get bedroom levels but obviously you still lose a lot of the bite, chime and fullness of sound when attenuating amps...other than that when I'm at my girlfriends house I use my old fender squire 15watt....man that little sucker is loud, separate volume, gain and master volume too and headphone out! Winner...if I need verb or anything else I just run through my old L6 Pod 2! Would love a little valve junior though!
  6. Hi Vexorgtr, Did you reduce the resistor values? my bands show as brown, black , blue so i think thats 10,000000? I have the actual epiphone footswitch suggested for the BC30. cheers
  7. Hi Guys new to the forum, apologies if this has already been asked but does anyone know why the leds in the epi footswitch dont work with my bc30??? Have opened it up and there is wiring to suggest it should...having a channel led change on the amp is great but sometimes forget whether the reverb is on or not on stage!!
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