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  1. Lots of singer/songwriters and related workshops here in the Central Texas area. Although neither style is considered taboo; there tend to be more sitters than standers here where the music trends lean to Americana/Folk country. Some consider standing as a more formal presentation also associated more with peppy tunes, particularly if there's a standing backup group. Personally, I prefer sitting which offers more intimacy with the audience in terms of ballads and heartfelt tunes. Regardless of which way you choose to perform; Good Luck and let us know how it goes...
  2. A bit expensive, but I like 'em a lot...
  3. Ken , how are you doing ??? . I'm doing a lot better than last time we spoke . You and your family are constantly in my thoughts . God Bless

  4. Have a set of JP 80/20s on the J45 now & they sound really good. What brand of 80/20s did you use?
  5. Wishing you well as that storm hovers over you. Hang in there and send her to South Central Tejas; we need the rain badly...
  6. Had my J-45 out playing along on that one. Very nicely done EA. More please? Scratch sends
  7. Ray Wylie is pretty popular in these parts. A frequent attraction in Gruene and several other Hill Country venues. Pretty much a regular on Troubadour Texas: http://troubadourtx.com/ I like Lyle Lovett's Texas views:
  8. Very nice playing, Larry and that is one beautiful Gibson. Hope to hear more of your tunes and thanks to your post I finally learned how to get rid of the 'rightsound' effect on my Webcam. Great post!
  9. I may be one of the worst offenders in this respect. I find that my tempo increases during/after an interlude. Metronomes don't help much because I have a way of ignoring them, but a recent drum machine purchase has assisted greatly... And good on ya Wily... I have a small gig this Friday evening and I'll try to remember your post as I play...
  10. Very enjoyable tune. Thanks for the post, Wily...
  11. Had a great Easter Sunday here in the Texas Hills. Record bluebonnet season this year now fading as the heat slowly arrives. Life is good; thank you Lord; you did it right...
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