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  1. Hello, Brothers and Sisters, I recently picked up an '86 SG Standard and the input jack is on the edge of the body, not on the front. I've heard a lot of opinions as to why this was done, from "it's rare", to "it only appeared on a '62 RI", to "they just did that a few years". O.k., what's the deal? Why did they do that and for how many years? I like it on the edge, stays out of the way like on my Les Pauls. Anyone really know why this was done? Thanks! Peace, Bluesbanger
  2. Hello Brothers and Sisters, This is my third post. Great forum! I play bluesrock and other than my les pauls and sg's I've got an Epi Lucy and she's a purty girl, sounds spanky when she plays the blues (and rockabilly!). I bought her brand new last year and play her through Marshall heads and stacks. She sounds good but I'm wondering what she would sound like with some Gibson pickups. I like her twangy voice but I think she would sound even sexier with Gibsons. Any of you Lucy Lovers using Gibby pickups? I thought maybe some PAF's or maybe even Pearly Gates would make her into a "girl to be heard". What's BB use in his? Thanks for any info. Peace and Love, Bluesbanger
  3. Hello, Brothers and Sisters, First post here, other than my intro. Great Forum, glad to be here. Got a question for ya. I found a sweet li'l SG this week, put her on layaway. She's awful purty and she plays syrupy blues for me. She was made in 1986 and I was wondering if she was one of those '61 or '62 Reissues. I looked up her serial number and she was made on October 24th, 1986. (It starts with "829"). She's got trapezoid inlays, '60's small pickguard, nickel hardware, plastic tuners, side input jack, ABR bridge, thin neck and she's a purty little cherry red girl. Could she be a 1986 RI II? Any info will be appreciated! Peace and Brotherhood, Bluesbanger
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