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    vecchi amplificatori, amp mods, vecchie valvole audio, composizione musicale, chitarra, pianoforte, arti marziali, filosofia, arte, ed evitare di prendere malattie come la stupidita', l'ignoranza, il cinismo, l'arroganza, cosi' come evitare di venire a contatto con gente infetta. Le statistiche confermano che molta gente infetta da tali malattie non sa leggere nemmeno una nota di musica e perde tempo a scrivere critiche ridicole rivolte ad altri, su dei forums, esibendo segni di basso quoziente intellettivo e un alto livello di pigrizia mentale.
  1. la Velocette l'ho usata per qualche anno, un buon ampli, ma come esso ce ne sono altri 300 che sono ugualmente validi, vecchi e nuovi. E' un ampli con due EL84 nel finale , se ricordo bene non aveva master volume. Era un ampli di qualita' e fatto bene, come tutti i valvolari Trace Elliott di quel tipo. Si' penso che sia lo stesso ampli che la GA-15. Il prezzo non lo so ne' mi interessa saperlo, ma tenendo presente che sia Gibson, me lo posso immaginare. PS. al tempo della Velocette, se non mi sbaglio il prezzo era circa 250 sterline....circa 290 euro.
  2. the question really is 'what and how do I practice?' rather than 'how long?' 'Being able to put skills to good use in a band environment'....depends on the band, on the genre, how much experience you and the band has, ecc ecc If you jam with a jazz or fusion band it requires more knowledge than in a blues or rock band. If you practice really well and effectively ,in a couple of years you can be a good rock guitarist who plays covers that aren't too difficult
  3. sul suo post c'e' scritto 'contatto con il presidente' ma non dice nulla al riguardi come si contatta; allora come la contatto, tramite telegramma? Oppure scrivo prima al Ministro Degli Interni?

  4. to be able to fully make sense of it, you have to know about keys, some notation, intervals, and interval inversion. A lot of guitar methods mention 'the circle of fifths' as if all there is to know is a chord progression, but actually it's a lot more than that. Short answer: going upward in the circle, in FIFTHS, you add a new sharp in the key, e.g. key of C, key of G, key of D, etc. Going DOWNWARD, in FIFTHS (or going upward in fourths), you add a new FLAT in the key, e.g. key of C, key of F, key of Bb, etc But again....it's like wanting to know how electricity works without knowing that water conducts it. See, the notation system is a system devised centuries ago that organizes all the mechanics of music into a tidy method. Once you understand all it's basic rules, music is no longer such a mysterious or abstract thing that just happens or it doesn't. The funny thing is that it seems so crazy and arbitrary to the 'initiate'.....but it is actually devised from natural laws of physics and sound, such as the 'harmonic series'. Big subject. And people who just go 'naaaah, that's just mumbo-jumbo' and try to diminish it's importance, are actually the ones who don't understand it no offence to you, I am just speaking in general. Even I could not understand it at first, I used to tear my theory books apart.
  5. Actually, most people are born with perfect pitch, but they lose it as they grow up because they don't use it. I have studied various perfect pitch methods for a full year and regained some of it.
  6. as a self-taught who has spent 20 years teaching himself, I strongly suggest that you enroll in a rock or blues guitar course in a music college. It's MUCH more cost-effective than seeing a private teacher , and you will learn MUCH faster than on your own. Trust me, I've been there. I am a good player but I invested 5 times more time and effort teaching myself than I would have invested had I learned in a music college. Yeah, you might think 'what? Blues and studying don't mesh well togheter'. Well, that's a false belief. Yes the blues greats didn't learn in a school, but what worked for them doesn't mean it works for other people, unless, again, you want to spend a lot more time doing something that would cost a lot less time. Don't waste it, it's worth more than money
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