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  1. I have removed a couple of pickguards and what has worked for me is the combined us of a hair dryer and dental floss. I use the hair dryer for directed heat and the dental floss as a scraper. I believe I used the medium setting on said hair dryer. Afterwards cleaned the top with naptha to remove the little bit of remaining residue. To answer your first question, I'm not sure how this affects the warranty if at all. Best of luck and enjoy the batwing JRP
  2. This song and Chris have both been getting a lot of talk recently with the release of his new album, and it is understandable. The embedded video below is my first experience with this song. I didn't realize that Jason didn't write it. I'm out of touch with the Nashville scene so Chris Stapleton wasn't on my radar when I first heard this song in early 2014. Thanks to everyone for exposing me to this new artist and not so new songwriter. Excellent version you have going here Sal. I really enjoyed giving it a listen or 12, maybe more. I may have lost count. I have ambitions of learning this
  3. Worth and value are subjective in nature and come down to what you are willing to pay for a particular guitar based on your needs and desires. Having said that. Looking at the big box stores, you will pay $200 more for a sunburst finish as opposed to a natural finish. Not sure exactly how this carries over into the used market, but I usually base my asking price on a percentage of what was paid new, so I can see how there might be validity to what you are finding in your searches. Happy hunting. The SJ-200 is a lovely guitar. I love the way mine speaks to me. JRPLefty
  4. I'm here to learn. What is a side stay? That is a term I'm not familiar with. A quick google search yields many sites for the tab to Stay By My Side JRPLefty
  5. Singer/songwriter Tom Skinner passed away last night. While I'm not overly familiar with his musical catalong he has been very influential on many of the musicians I admire, and I have been exposed to him through these musicians. Here is a link to one of his tunes I really enjoy.
  6. Jason plays a songwriter. I'm not sure which species of songwriter it is. I do know it is rosewood b/s JRPLefty
  7. I saw Micky a couple of weeks ago and he is playing a J-200 now. Does he record with the 'Bird? OP, I don't know the name of these two particular guitarists but they play 'Birds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgc5l9X3Dn4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yZMnEBGMR0
  8. I haven't tried the GHS, but I just got a handful of sets of the Rotosound strings mentioned above for my LG2-AE, and I'm pleased with the change. The LG-2 is my finger style guitar and these strings suit the style well. The extra touch of brightness and sustain counteracts my tendency to use too much flesh. The contact core does cause the string sit a very small closer to the fretboard, which makes playing a touch easier. They look funny and are probably a touch weaker, but I think they are worth a try provided your right hand isn't to heavy, not that I've heard rumors of increased breaka
  9. I picked up a set a couple of days ago, and strung up my D-35 with them. As I'm approaching finals week I haven't been able to fully break them in and get a real feel for them. Initial thought is, they don't have that new string metallic jangle that 80/20's are known for. The low end is still there which is important to me, as that is what attracted me to that guitar. The low end seems to be pretty well focused, not loose and flabby at all. I don't know that I would say the low end is more prominent than it was prior. The guitar wasn't lacking high end prior, but the change seems to have
  10. Those guitars of your look like they have a very "chocolatey" tone BK Those are all very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing with us JRP
  11. Jerry, there are definitely a lot of side canyons to explore, and from my understanding there is time built in to our itinerary to explore these areas, and I'm with you 100%. I think it would be very surreal to haul a wooden box back in there and just take it all in. DickB, thanks for the feedback. The guitar will be in a dry bag as an extra measure, but I know that nothing is guaranteed when I end up upside down. I haven't met the entire group yet, so I don't have feel for the dynamic or personal preferences. I figure it's easier to plan on bringing a guitar and back out at the last m
  12. I'm really leaning towards a real six string for the reasons you mentioned, Jerry. Now just begins the research process. It's a shame I have to go play a handful of different guitars to see which one deserves the honor of going to one of the wonders of the world
  13. I appreciate the feedback from all of you. Fortunately I have a few months to collect my thoughts and figure out how to arrange all of this, but I wanted to get ahead of this situation and start problem solving it now. I will launch Dec 23 and spend Christmas and New Year's in the Canyon, so I'm definitely stoked. JRPLefty
  14. I know this is a long shot, and there might be better forums to throw this out, but I'm curious if any of you cats have rafted the Grand Canyon. I have been invited to undertake this adventure of a lifetime and will be accepting said invitation. I would like a guitar accompany me, so I'm reaching out hoping that someone here can share their experiences. Thanks in advance, JRPLefty
  15. I know it will last at least 2 years That's when I decided i wanted to upgrade to CTS Pots and SD Seth Lover pickups, so ended up gutting and replacing the entire cavity. Not hard or time consuming. Rabs does mention a good point with quick connect PUP change. I'm guessing that would be a really cool option had I kept the circuit board in. Random thought, how many amps are still out there from the 60's and before still running. Granted, not all are printed circuit boards, but I would they take more abuse from speaker vibrations than the control cavity of a guitar would, and they
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