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  1. Can you folks help me identify this guitar. Pix are attached and the serial # is sn 94013262
  2. Thanx folks...so now I know I have a hr3
  3. ...I picked one up about 3 months ago! The black one just like the picture of the previous poster. I have owned other Gibsons - 335, 345, 330 sg lespaul custom, melody maker and a 137. This one just looked so different. It plays and feels great. I wonder why they call it a Howard Roberts fusion lll, but the "lll" isn't written anywhere....Mine just says Howard Roberts Fusion, so I wonder if there is a "THREE" that is different. I cant find it on the Gibson website.
  4. hey....the guitar is black!!!....what else could it mean?
  5. Is the WC version less valuable than the one without it? I see a GIBSON B.B. KING LUCILLE WC listed at Guitar Center on line. Is this some special version? Is it less valuable than the regular BB KIng, because it is only 2K? here is the link for a picture. http://www.guitarcenter.com/In-Store-Used-USED-GIBSON-B-B--KING-LUCILLE-WC-106989866-i2171593.gc
  6. Interesting point that I was not aware of! Which Gibson hollow bodies or semi hollow have 3 piece necks?
  8. I constantly buy and sell, but this guy is asking 1500 which is the limit on this guitar. Thanx, I needed another buyer to chime in. Every one has been really helpful.
  9. It was a break at the headstock!...It plays like a dream...but if 50% off is the convention then by buying it, I would be at the guitars limit! Great answer! thanks.
  10. That is hilarious! Almost fell off my chair!...The guitar stays on my mind, it is really beautiful and they way it was repaired you cant see a thing!
  11. After a neck has been repaired by a Gibson authorizes repair technician, How far down does it bring the value of the guitar? Es355 custom
  12. thanx for answering...the guitar is beautiful but buying it knowing that as soon as I buy it, I will not be able to sell it easily kind of bothers me. It only costs 1500 as opposed to the original 3000. sigh!
  13. I have owned many guitars and am about to buy Gibson es355 that had a broken neck and was fixed by a Gibson authorized repair person. My question is how do people usual break these Gibson necks? Do the guitars fall or do the hit the guitar on something or do they just snap? What is the story with Gibson necks breaking?
  14. After a few days of phone tag with Gibson Repair I finally got someone. They said a new neck put was $2300.00 complete.
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