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  1. Well, I could have just slithered away and not posted again, but I'll cop to being an idiot. I keep the LP at home, where I don't have a practice amp. I plug direct into a DAW, use plug ins and then out to 5" monitors. It sounds pretty crappy and I didn't hear any tone change at all. I took the LP to my office last night where I keep my band rig and I plugged into a couple of amps. The tone pots are working, though there really isn't a very big range of change. So I apologize to Gibson for dissing their plastic pots, and want to thank you guys for your insight. I have to say that the LP soun
  2. I'm going to dig my receipt out and give Gibson a call. I'm handy enough that I could change out the PCB. That would be preferable to me rather than ship the guitar somewhere. I like the guitar, except for the vintage frets. I could live with the plastic junk controls provided they function correctly. If all this becomes too big of a hassle, I'll have my luthier do a rewire with real pots and lose the dippy switches. Thanks. For those that like pictures:
  3. Just looking for some advice here. I bought a 2018 LP Standard HP from CME about seven or eight months ago. It was brand new. I don't put much play time in on it. It was kind of a scratch that itch purchase. Anyway, last night I realized that the tone pots are not functioning for tone. The push/pull works for selecting out of phase and inside or outside coil split. But there's absolutely no change what so ever from turning either tone pot. These are the plastic pots that are mounted on a pcb board. I usually just keep the pots full up, but I was feeling wild and decided to experiment some last
  4. My 2018 HP Standard has .090"x.036" fret wire. I don't like it. It's the only thing I don't like about the guitar. I can't wait till it wears out. But since it's cryogenically treated that may be a while. Geesh.
  5. My new LP Standard HP came with Rhythm Pro and Lead Pro+ pups. I'm not up on Gibson pups and I'd like to read up on them. The OP's post mentioned Lead Pro but it didn't have the + in it. What exactly do my pups translate to? They're sounding pretty good to me, just a little hot.
  6. Thank you pippy. I've managed to get in about an hours worth of play time. Here's a couple things I noticed: The Grover tuners are very smooth and accurate. The pups are pretty hot. They sound really good. Very full and no ice pick on the bridge, but they push my normal amp settings a little more than I like. My main rig is a Helix. I create a separate patch for each song we do in my band. So I'm hoping I don't need to have a separate patch for using the LP. I'll need more time to figure that out. The wide nut is a non issue right now. I'm not a thumb over the top player. I can't say it ha
  7. A Mohave Fade SG HP is what started this whole little adventure for me. It's funny how gas takes these twists and turns the longer we let it percolate.
  8. And, yes it really did happen. Here's my patriotic red, white and blue line up. There's more flame than the photo shows.
  9. I posted in the "I'm Disappointed" thread, but I thought I would update this thread. My new LP Standard HP arrived about an hour ago. I haven't been able to play it yet as I had it delivered to my office and though my wife doesn't believe it, I actually do work. It's beautiful looking and the aluminum case is built like a tank and weighs about the same as one. The inspection card lists it as a H2 model. It has locking grovers, Richlite fb, upgraded flame top. So for the same price as a regular HP and heavily discounted, I feel like I made out pretty good. I get to take it to band practice on T
  10. I don't know if Eric exists, but I can put some perspective on the HPI and HPII situation. I just had my new LP Standard HPI delivered about an hour ago. It appears to be a hybrid of a I and II. As I was researching them it became clear that some of the HPI's that were being advertised were either an HPII or a hybrid of a I and II. Two of the sellers that I questioned about what I saw, were unaware that there even was an HPII. The difference between them is the II has Grover Tuners, Richlite fb, a military spec three way switch and a black HSC. Also, the flame tops appear to be an improvement
  11. Thanks, I've never played a richlite fb, but I do like ebony and I'm not a vintage minded guy, so what ever works is good with me. I'm not trying to provoke you guys, but I'm considering getting a g-force tuner to put on. In my band I need to do alt tunings. My #1 guitar is a modified Variax, which lets me do alt tunings with a knob turn. I'm hoping to get close to that with this new LP. So far every guitar I've played with the g-force has worked fine. So until I get a roadie, I need something that will keep me playing instead of standing on stage tuning while the rest of the band stares at me
  12. Thanks, I did. A new '18 Les Paul HP Blood Orange Fade with Grover Tuners from the factory. From the pictures it has a very dark fret board which makes me think it is Richlite. I know that will excite you guys. I've noticed a marked improvement with the quality of the tops the last month or so. I can't wait to get it. I'm not sure if my wife is going to impound it till my birthday on the 20th. I'll live if she does.
  13. Buy a small humidity meter from Home Depot, Lowes or whatever you have near you. They have them in the nursery section. Put it anywhere in the room you keep your guitars and you won't be guessing about what the humidity is or if you need to turn on a humidifier. As stated above, 35% is usually adequate to keep the guitars happy. I recently did a two night gig at a mountain resort where it was freezing and snowing. When I got home my guitar had a nasty low E buzz. Luthier has it now and says the neck expanded from absorbing moisture. I'm not sure how that happened, but it's the worse weather
  14. I will probably buy a new '18 LP Standard HP tomorrow. It's a deal too good to pass up on a really nice looking Blood Orange burst. I came into this thread thinking I might get a little info and maybe some encouragement to pull the trigger tomorrow, but sadly that didn't happen. I'll see how I feel in the morning, but I'm probably going to go for it. For the record, I couldn't care less about nibs.
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