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  1. Thanks, and yes they are unique. I believe they were the most expensive Les Model through their run.
  2. Recently acquired a '72 Les Paul Recording. A beast of a guitar, but enjoying it. Cool photos of Les' home town.
  3. I was looking under the hood of my Gibson Firebird III Platypus, specifically the pickups. Though, I think the pickups are original, there are no patent stickers, or any patent information, for that matter. Does anyone know, if these pickups might not be the real deal? Thanks
  4. I don't have it in front of me but it's a 76 sunburst with neck volute. The back of the headstock has the serial# etc. in decal form (not ingrained in the wood). I have a '75 Les Paul Custom with this same feature. My impression is that, if there was a decal in the hollowbody, maybe moisture or something else lifted it.
  5. This might be sort of nit picky, but I am thinking about picking up a mid 70's Byrdland. It is in generally good condition, but it doesn't have the Byrdland decal normally found in the body, beneath the F hole. Is it possible that for a short time decals were not applied. Personally have seen and played many hollow - bodies (Gibson)from this era and all had a decal. Any comments on this? Thank you
  6. Thanks for the comments. Each guitar represents a sort of unique area of the Gibson lineup. With these two I have pretty much everything covered. Finish-wise, the L5 Signature has a wonderful flamed top/sides while the Johnny A has a nice quilt top. Kudos to Gibson!
  7. Well I'm determined to get a picture of my 2 Gibson Custom shop guitars on this site. Have not been able to upload pics so here they are on dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2t8myzdf4vdtyga/2014-10-07%2009.17.22.jpg?dl=0
  8. I have to say that the Super KB is a nice counterpart to the L5 Sig. Each has it's own merits
  9. I would leave it on the Rit. My Super KB has a mother of pearl Truss Cover, and that is staying on it.
  10. I know the one on the bottom left is a Lee Ritneour. Interesting, the truss rod cover on my L5 Signature has a Custom L-5 label on it. Wondering why none of Danny's do.
  11. Yes it's too bad they don't make the signature anymore. I found mine on ebay and am very impressed with the guitar. The tone is wonderful, especially considering the smaller size of the body. I think the Lee Ritneour model is probably the closest you'll get to it right now.
  12. Danny, those are beautiful! I like the one on the bottom left. That has the same type of tailpiece as my Super Kenny Burrell. Was looking at a Gibson Johnny Smith on ebay. Wonder what the neck profile would be like on those.
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