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  1. You don't nothing half-arsed, do you? That is one sharp looking uke.
  2. There's a used one on AGF for $3,500. I commented with a GLWS thing, bat have no affiliation at all. Being a fan of my red 'bird, getting a baked version sounds tempting enough to put the HC J45 up for sale. It's a 'bird thing, I think. Not sure if it's kosher to post a link to there, but it's easy to find.
  3. https://www.gibson.com/generation? Some very different takes from Gibson with their USA made, more accessible $$$ guitars. Just got an email announcement, and this is the page I landed on when clicking. Just a quick marketing related note of my first impression. For the first time for me, I was given the impression that it was not just a cheapo version of the real thing kind of vibe. Maybe copying some others in the marketplace, yes. But this looks like a nice separation for them. I hope it all works out for them.
  4. Very nicely done, MP. I agree with you that songs like these can be quite therapeutic. Nice job all the way around with the performance and writing. 🙂
  5. Pull the G-string back a bit and you'll be able to insert any amount of money you want.
  6. I was in the same boat as David. I didn't know my Love Dove had a loose saddle until my 3rd string change. One at a time string changes until then. I blame it on a year in the dry Montana air, maybe? One mine, I could slide a .011 feeler gauge into it's worst spot and a .008 anywhere.
  7. I rambled. BUT, I just remembered as typing my note to the OP. The only reason I knew my RMA replacement was coming my way was because I happened to be on the UPS site checking on the delivery of a guitar I sold and shipped. That guitar was the USA Tele. 🙂
  8. That's a significant difference. My big season changes normally amount to 1/64 to 1.5/64 difference. I keep two saddles for 4 of 5 guitars. Summer/Winter. The neck almost never needs more than a 1/16th turn. That's been the story for years, but it seemed to change right before the pandemic with some even erring to the too low side. A couple product demo videos even had some string too close noisiness to them. Regarding the RMA experience and not being thrilled with the color of the replacement. - Do you have any feeling of whether or not you might have been more happy with the outcome if your months of communication battles and the ensuing delivery issues had not stressed you further. I know it definitely had a huge impact on the outlook of my HC J45 when it came in tacky and smelled awful. It's in good shape now, plays great and sounds just like it should. I've played it every day for a month and I still have a little distance to cover to bond with it, so to speak.
  9. gossmanster, what were your action measurements that you mentioned when your friend left that day? Also curious if you happen to know the distance from bridge to straight-edge. General question to all - hasn't Gibson been over-setting necks for a little while as a matter of strategy or habit? I don't know what the spec is on the distance between the bridge and the bottom of the straight edge should be. None of mine touch the Bridge, nor did they when new.
  10. I wonder what the percentage of the folks in that group is who have never brought the guitars in question in for an inspection and/or setup?
  11. I thought that pick-guard was transparent at 1st and 2nd glances. It looks great. I've got what's called a "1950 Blackguard" neck back shape. Sort of a cross between the "U" and a "V". 7.25/9.5 radius. I lucked out and happened to test drive a thin-line with this neck on it about 90-minutes away. Heavy relic turned me off or I might have gotten it. I returned a "Thin Skin" and got the Broadcaster just because of it's neck. That neck came in less than was indicated and the taper was different that the one I test drove, so a slightly thicker one is on the way. Rolled edges helps a lot, too. It's a battle of Arthritis verses a bunch of 'Keef style open-G songs.
  12. SweetI I love the look of Maple. Does that affect tone on these?
  13. Don't get me wrong. I love Les Pauls and 335s. I have a nice pairing right now. That said, I just LOVE me a Tele. I sold my USA Standard and an MIM a few months ago to go a thicker neck. 3rd try should be here Tuesday. Right guitar, but needed a bit beefier neck from the one I received a few weeks back. Custom Shop 70th Anniversary Ltd Broadcaster with that nearly vintage wiring thing they did back then. (.96" - 1.02" Arthritis buster neck.)
  14. Nice! Congratulations! That's a beauty. I've heard a few online from 5-6 years ago when they did some limited editions. Seemed like a winner to me. If a new Love Dove was not available this past Spring, I would have pounced on a Maple Bird that popped up on Reverb. Enjoy!!!
  15. There are two long threads right there, IMO. I've been thinking since reading this that idiosyncratic might be the best word to describe them I've seen. The second part is very interesting pertaining to the original topic. I related earlier how I rotate guitars so that every 4th week a guitar has it's turn on the stand to be played for a week. If I have not taken a particular guitar out for a few days during it's hibernation, it seems like it's flatter sounding than it otherwise would be. I actually started keeping a log of that a couple months ago as a 5th one was entering the cycle. I think string age factors in, too. I'm also keeping track of strings' age and how much of that age is on the rack being played daily verses in the case. Why? Because I'm a bit of a geek and was the one in the IT department who was passionate about data-mining.
  16. All of that sounds too familiar. The anomaly is within the big-box culture where the locals don't even have pull within their own world, let alone manufactures' worlds. My favorite local's staff turned over within a couple months right before the pandemic in large part because of this. They did not even have permission to match their own company's web site's pricing, and had to get regional sales manager approval to match anything bigger than a certain amount when dealing with competitors' offers. Even dealing with defects and such changed for them. I think that's all part of the local environment these days. I was excited to go guitar shopping this Summer. Both big box stores were just awful places to be in. The one local we have doesn't have much to sell. I did find a nice Fender dealer 90 minutes away, but a 14 month wait. Yikes! I will go back there and to the local, though. For sure. Just won't be able to get Gibsons.
  17. I was impressed with my brief communications with Bailey Brothers when I went Dove hunting. Good to know about CME. I did look at both their sites this Summer when reducing and improving my electric guitars this Summer, but ended up getting from Wildwood due to availability all 4 times. Even then it was luck. There today, gone tomorrow. Lost out on the first Tele I wanted. Have you ever heard of a dealer in Georgia called Humbucker Music? Not a Gibson dealer, but a huge line of Fender Custom Shops that I discovered as I went Tele shopping this Summer. Didn't the specifics I needed, but it looked like they had some serious stock on amps you don't see often.
  18. It never ceases to amaze me how a guitar can "open up" over night on a stand after being cooped up for a few weeks. I do a rotation of every 4th week it's out on my stand. It's to the point that I never change strings on it's first day out because I find out they don't need them the next day. I do leave myself a note if I think the strings are near the end when I put it up, which lets me know to change them on day-1 a month later when it comes out. Sometimes I'll get in the mood for one and break it out mid-way through hibernation. I'm trying various things right now to save me an overnight waiting period for optimum tone. For example, yesterday on my D41, I played it for 20-30 minutes right away, let it rest for a few hours and then played it in the afternoon and it sounded nice. I know the joke made earlier has much truth normally. Play the guitar instead of it playing you. If it's dull, try a brighter pick. That sort of thing. It's not hard to do, and I do it. It's just more fun to me when it wants to sing naturally.
  19. Dave F - Was this a guitar you had for over a couple months, or was this a recent purchase?
  20. Ours our decades apart and feature different tops (baked/unbaked), but so far, this is holding true for my Dove. It's early yet. This is pretty darned impressive for a guitar that's played often. Or not played at all. I did try a set on my old (sigh!) SJ-200 Standard and really dug them. My problem with them was stupid microscopic shards of "whatever" digging into my skin and taking forever to get out. That may be all coated strings, actually. At least at some point in time. Just yesterday I put a set of XTs on a PRS semi. TBD.
  21. My son had a friend who had the opposite issue. Acidic hands. My guess is that he's like ..... That kid could destroy a set of strings in 30 minutes' of playing if I was not Johnny-on-the-spot to clean them. He went after the same guitar each time he was here. My Epi Les Paul Custom MIK. (what an awesome guitar that one was - such a dummy for selling it.) Ironically, I think he's still trying to make it in the heavy metal world as a guitarist. Have not seen him in 10 years.
  22. When I went through my RMA, the most consistent source of frustration was the horrible response time. It was downright maddening. It masked what was an otherwise positive scenario. A win for any company that wants to be known for taking care of their customers that spend thousands at a clip. I dread the day I ever have to contact them again for any reason at all. To that end, I guess maybe the plan is working. Anyhow, gossmanster, I hope they are able to get your color situation worked out. I'm with you on that one. If they cannot, perhaps someone out there has a gently used one that would like to trade with you. Some prefer that orangeish color.
  23. Talk about a wide range just with a few of us. We already have some opposites from one another with both brand and scale. Although a newish guitar, I'll be able to add the J45 to one list or the other within a few weeks. Same strings as the HB, and just a few days apart when strings were changed. I'm definitely talking about a box or top no longer being driven as opposed to a simple dulling of the strings. One weird thing for me is that I used to have a hard time knowing when to change strings.
  24. Man,........... crud. Well, thanks for everything, Charlie!!! Class act. We were listening to Let it Bleed just last night along with Beggar's Banquet.
  25. I'm sorry to hear of both your losses, and sorry to hear you got sick, too, kwalker. I hope you speedy recovery. Total bummer on you gig from hell and loss of the D15. While I have no aversion to 'Skynyrd nor Led Zep, I agree that the song "Simple Man" does get pretty annoying to play & sing for some reason. Good luck with that. 🙂
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