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  1. I've had trouble with this one. I really enjoy Keith Richards' style of supporting and selling the song. He never really gets recognized unless someone mentions rhythm only or riffs as being primary. Another one that got low amounts of love in the pop world was Lindsey Buckingham. His outros are fun to listen to still. And then of course the usual list of suspects. Gilmour, Knopfler, SRV, Atkins and all. There are a few Strat players from the 60's Blues era. Collins, King to list a couple. Billroy mentioned RL Burnside. There's so many, and we can watch whomever we want, whenever we want. Good times.
  2. Cool! Thanks for the link. Seems they have quite a following. I bought something from them years ago for cleaning up USB noise. That machine had more than one issue, but it did help. I'll let you know what I hear next weekend.
  3. Lars, have I asked you about this DAC yet? I'm going to try them out next weekend. AudioQuest Dragonfly I do wish I could handle a set of on-ear phones. I remember the Koss brand vaguely from yesteryear, but in a positive sense.
  4. Lars, do these have the 100 break-in period? 🙂 Man, I did this more than once. I was madder than a wet settin' hen. Thanks to lars, I found myself on a headphone quest late this past Spring. Ended up with a nice set of closed backs. My old closed-backs went up into the studio for this exact purpose. Only problem with that is that I am at the mercy of my headphone mix entirely when doing vocals. Oddly enough, that may have helped me, albeit somewhat indirectly. Piping in hot vocals helps me to keep from belting them out, which is a huge no-no for my (ahem) timbre and my partially treated boomy room.
  5. Thanks again, billroy. A whole bunch of food for thought. I think I am at that point where I have to not listen to this for 4-5 days. Not even open it up in Pro Tools to tweak. I - anyone - can listen to a mistake several times in context and get used to it enough to recognize it as being an intended part of the song. My first song too 6 months to complete. It was ugly. It's been slow and unsteady growth since then.Seems like every 3-4 months I make a series of adjustments that brings me to the next step. It's usually in the form od a fundamental change that has an effect on everything. Then I relearn what I thought I knew, get better and find something else and repeat the cycle. Lots of ear training in the interim. I feel I'm getting close, though. Again, thanks for the comments and food for thought.
  6. Thanks for giving it a listen and some comments. This is song #60 for me. I'm trying to turn the corner to get from ugly amateur sounding to something that almost belongs. This past year has seen quite a bit of growth. I'm caught in some strange mixture of 70's style productions and modern-day embellishments that isn't quite blooming yet. I've got quite a few songs I want to redo once I get this down. Billroy, I hate my vocals. but they are all mine. LOL This is one of those songs that I did with a specific song in mind and fight change, ultimately failing. I did a song once that is far too close to Bruce Springsteen's "Candy's Room" to even listen to comfortably without squirming. Kind of like what normal people do when drinking beet slurpies. LOL This one was a vocal exercise of sorts. Looking at Bob Dylan's lyrics and the depths of simple phrases is fascinating.
  7. Gents, do any of the pick-uos listed or talked about do any differently or better than others when playing a full on strumming number?
  8. This is my first song using acoustic guitars since earlier this Spring before putting a lot of time and effort towards fixing some sonic issues with my "home project studio", as they call it. Bass traps and change the flooring is all's that's left. This song was inspired by both Dob Dylan and KT Tunstall. KT's work on the Spotify Live cover of Dylan's "Tangled Up in Blue" struck a few nerves and awoke the muse. My song writing assignment to myself was to take a song of story of a life event that only myself would be interested in and make it interesting using some Dylan style phrasing. I'll post the lyrics below. I used the SJ-200 for the bulk of the acoustic guitar work, save for using a Taylor for some accent picking on the right side in a few places. The electric guitar was a Tele and the bass was a Fender jazz. Things I Aint Done I think pasting the link here in plain text actually brings up a spotify. TBD And for the songwriting portion, this is the basic lyric sheet. I adjusted a couple of phrases when tracking. "Things I Ain't Done" by Mongo and the Pawns of Life (new name forthcoming?) [VERSE 1] I was driving South one day, stuck on eighty-one. Thinking more 'bout what's left behind instead of things I aint done. I was worried about that girl of mine, her Ma and her Daddy, too. but, times were tough, the jobs were gone, and they said I had to be, too. [PRE-CHORUS] I had with me everything I owned, I knew everything I knew I knew. They said my whole life lay ahead, but I didn't think it was true, would [Am]you???? But if... [CHORUS 1] I knew then what I know now, That drive would have been more fun. Instead of looking back the tears I'd be looking forward to___ the things__, the []things I ain't done. oh, the []things I ain't done. [VERSE 2] I was much younger than my boy is now, not yet twenty-one. Golf clubs and a sack of clothes, I was headed to the Sun. I stayed with some distant folks, but it wasn't distant enough. I moved into a ratty flat, before things got too rough. [PRE-CHORUS 2] Some things they said was par for the course, I knew not know not how to do. Like when stop and taste the wine, or when to just play through. How 'bout you?? Now, [CHORUS 2] If I knew then what I know now, That move would have been more fun. When I was looking back the tears I was looking forward to the things__, the []things I ain't done. the []things I ain't done. [VERSE 3] I was raised in the bitter cold, and it, snowed a lot, as well. I know I'd not know warmer days, if I never new my Southern belle. Now I'm singing a song I could not sing, playing something I could not play. Cuz I did the things I ain't done, back many days before today. [PRE-CHORUS 3] ***Some things that mattered, of course, ***I brush off me these days. Some things that mattered to me then stopped mattering way too soon. I used to stop to count the wine, I drink until it's through____, How 'bout you___?? [CHORUS 3] (I didn't like how this flowed when tracking, so I decided to used earlier chorus lyrics) ***I know what I know now, ***and I know you know it's true_. ***It was oh so long ago when you__ ***were on top of the list of the things___, ***the []things I ain't done.
  9. The is a huge difference between the 314 and the 'bird. I made that switch. (I know you are looking to augment - and why not?) If you put a bird in your lap and it sang to you, I would not hesitate. I did a similar thing with Maples, this time keeping my 614 and adding an SJ-200 to the collection. Point is, I know they've got the same woods and all, but they are different beasts.
  10. An original called "Things I Ain't Done", which is the first original song with the acoustic (my SJ-200) since this past Spring. Then it became Bob Seger hour on the couch since coming downstairs from working on the song. Night Moves, Fire Lake, Roll Me Away, Like a Rock, Turn the Page and Main Street. Some Rolling Stone(?) is up next. All hummingbird except for the original. (The SJ is upstairs in the studio. Life is good.)
  11. The real treat of that site is to hear the brief descriptions and demos of the other guitars there. Builds from Luthiers never heard of in all sorts of sizes and shapes. One guitar was from a builder the shop owner knows and supplied the rosewood from his own private stash. This one i really found intriguing. Multi-Scale Guitar It's a fanned fret boar with scale length over 27" on the bass and a little over 25-1/2" on the treble side. he's playing in a C tuning.
  12. Indeed, EA! My alternatively branded Maple with the t-top took almost 3 years.
  13. For the discriminating gentleman (or lady) who has everything. And it is on sale 33 percent off
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