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  1. One of my two Maples (the 614) despises humidity. I had the other (the SJ) out on the front porch before it got super hot last summer and a similar result, but it could have been the strings getting a bit worn.
  2. Me too, brother! Me too! 🙂 A Dove is the last "planned" acoustic purchase.
  3. Someone posted a video of a cover song here about 6-8 months back. After watching it, there was link on Youtube of a different guy covering the same song, but on a Dove. It was one of the sweetest sounding strummed guitar tones I had ever heard. Just pure, concise and well balanced as can be. No idea what year it was. Kind of haunts me a little bit, but have had little time to look for it again. I will when dove buying time comes around. 🙂 So, Dave, got any recorded samples posted anywhere? Maybe top of my GAS tank a little bit? LOL
  4. Nice price! That's near what I got mine for. I treasure it just as much as the Gibson acoustics. Longest by far that I have left original strings on. I hear ya. I have one slot left in my nice acoustic cabinet. I think it will have to wait till next year. Well, at least very late this year. A 335 of some sort has been calling my name for some time. 🙂
  5. That's a fine looking guitar, Dave. 'Congrats! The back is mesmerizing to look at. A looker, for sure. I was tempted a few momth's ago. Wildwood didn't have what I inquired about. I asked them what it would be out the door for a DIF, knowing I couldn't. It was much less than expected, but still unable to pass up the great deal on a D-41.....perhaps next year.
  6. The 80/20's do not do well in the room where I normally play guitar, and worse in my home project studio with shorter ceilings. The awful comb filtering combined with the extra brightness made everything sound far too harsh. I ended up hopping around various string types and landed on the Nickel Bronze for the SJ. However, in all seriousness, I did buy a set of those mondo expensive Titanium strings. I was going to put them on the 2018 'bird (standard), but I think I've decided to put them on the 2018 SJ (also standard). I did, recently, but a set of the Gibson 80/20 (not the new ones) on the bird. At first I hated them, but they simmered down after a few days and continue to do so a few weeks later.
  7. I'm waiting on some Authentic Blood-Stained (Nickel Bronzes (IIRC) to come from an eBay seller from NJ. A little steep at $50, but you only live once and they did include shipping.
  8. Nice, David! It definitely put a few small town images into mind from the 'ol memory banks. A few of them, actually. We moved around. Sort of kind of miss it, sort of, I think. Well, the being young part. One of our fellow forum-dwellers might even be able to guess the one town. Half-way between two of that state's smaller cities with a big used constructions equipment junkyard smack dab in the middle of town. The junk yard has been gone now for maybe 20 years, though. Marvel's Mystery Oil was a great way to disguise a knocking engine in a '85 Fleetwood with the 4.1HT(hook and tow) engine in it. Time to go play guitar.
  9. I agree. It does sound like something in the mix chain chain dimmed, though it could always be YouTube's conversion. But it doesn't make up tone. To me, that guitar sounds like someone wanted a Froggy Bottom , but with the low end enhanced and high-mids rolled down. Imagine the sonic ground one could cover with one of each. 🙂
  10. Another outstanding cover. Well played and well tracked and well everythinged.
  11. Nice one, Buc! Nice tempo. Lotsa feeling.
  12. It's your cover, so you get to choose what you wanna play and how you wanna play it. It'd be boring if everyone did the same songs the same way over and over again. And nice job, btw. I had totally forgotten about that song, too. I need to put in some early Beatles stuff tomorrow.
  13. Out of curiosity, I looked at the 60's era J-45s on Reverb last night. Most of them still had definite burst remaining. A few did not. at least one seller called it an aged "Natural" finish. I was kind of surprised to see that price tag on it, too, though I do not know the vintage world at all.
  14. I normally do not ask of such things, but I had this one in my hands and played it for 15-20 minutes the other day. I'm not interested in purchasing at all, but am curious to know. They say it's a J-45, but it's a 'hog. There is no sticker inside of it - just a small "J-45" etched into the bracing almost directly below the sound-hole. It was in very playable shape, but I did not look too closely at the neck angles and such. While it played nicely, I think there might be a fret or two causing an occasional issue. The tone sort of surprised me as a passing salesman thought he had heard it was an early 50's model. eBay says 1965, which seems more believable. Two things surprised me with my first time vintage playing experience since the 1968 HB almost 5 years ago. I thought it would have been lighter, and I thought the finish looked a little thick for the age. I know nothing about these, though, so, I defer to you guys. https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-1965-GIBSON-J-45-ACOUSTIC-GUITAR-W-NON-ORIGINAL-HARDSHELL-CASE/264564948754?hash=item3d994cbf12:g:1sgAAOSwKdNd8o3K
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