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  1. That's probably why my story songs are not good. I end up describing the tires on the getaway car for 3 verses and run out of time.
  2. The nasty strings at one of our local GC stores is doubly awful when they don't care enough to set up a guitar to anything near playable. Cost them any chance at selling me an SJ sale last year. A recent journey to try out an HD-28 and a D-28 ended similarly. One of them I simply could not get into tune. Then the guy offers to go get me something to clean the strings with. I couldn't make this up if I tried. Same bad strings as they were 6 weeks prior - just older and worse shape. I digress. I've got a Boss-AD10 that I'm not going to give up on just yet. I have not tried it with just the UTS element in my 'bird. The The full Anthem on the SJ proved to be better without the AD10 for me, but there were interface issues in play.
  3. I'm a year away from getting a Gibson ES of some sort, so not an urgent question by any stretch. That said, I'm still curious to know what makes this new guitar a $10k guitar? Did I miss something in the specs? I see a sub - $6k guitar, which is still not a shabby zip-code to reside. Chuck Berry ES-350T
  4. BK, I thought this was a very nice performance with equally nice laid-back warmth of tone with the guitar. I'm tempted to re-introduce my anthem UST to my SJ after listening to about 2-3 of your efforts with it on your Dove. If I wasn't really digging how it sounds with these D'Add nickel bronzes, not to mention the saddle on wood thing with no UST.
  5. Nicely done, David. I sensed a little bit of that Lucinda Williams irreverence* right at the end. Not a bad thing. Your guitar looks and sounds nice, too. (* = for lack of a better word) For conversation sake only, do you think an element of time would help the story? I am awful at these types of songs. Again, well done and add a couple of bravos while I'm at it. 🙂
  6. While you have their attention, perhaps you could email them back with the link you showed us as a cross-check. In the very least, it'd be great to ease any pending nagging thought that might creep up.
  7. I put them on my SJ-200 for a very short period of time. I do not recall if they were the retros or a different from that string lineup. I felt the tension increase was too intense for it. All kinds of creaking noises I did not feel comfortable with. They were the lights - .012's. I did use them on my bird once, but it was nothing like how the SJ felt. The other factor in play was that I could have been chicken-sheee-ite and acted out of over-nervousness instead of logic. I figured getting them off of the SJ was safest and they were gone within a day or two at the most.
  8. I agree with the heavy-handed thing, but was too chicken to suggest such a thing earlier in the week. (Sometimes I can be too forthcoming.) I stopped worrying about the occasional heavy-handed buzz on the E-A strings when I saw Neil Young videos from the early 70's. Heck, done like he does, it sounds energetic, as if really getting into the music he's playing.
  9. I switched from Nano to Poly's to reduce the brightness. I was a big fan initially, but they felt stiffer and uncomfortable after 4-5 months on both the 'bird and SJ.
  10. OHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I get it, now. I can be taught - it just takes a while.
  11. DD . I can't help you with the price. I do wish more good days than bad days in your fight. Best wishes and all, and I hope you can do something musical each day. Roy
  12. This is very well done. The guitar captivated me right off the bat before raising the bar for the next 4 minutes. Much kudos!!!
  13. This is very nice, Lars! I am digging what you've done.
  14. Interesting - thanks for the description. My other 2 acoustics have had their strings for few months now. It's my normal time of year for the 2nd 6-month change cycle, but each one is sounding like a million bucks - and for many of the reasons you describe. The strings I mentioned earlier seemingly jumped straight into this state within just a few days.
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