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  1. Nice song. Cool tune. Those aerial shots of him walking in some early/late season showy fields gave me chills in every joint in my body. Brrrrr 35 years later and it still hurts to look at.
  2. Not that is quite an acquisition story. You and that guitar already had quite a story with each other going before you even met. I thought I had seen some non-Maples down that low before all this stuff hit and prices went wonkers.
  3. He seems to be a pretty good dude. I saw this the other day and meant to ask you if this was like yours. It's the only Maple AJ I can remember seeing. https://reverb.com/item/33984260-2015-gibson-advanced-jumbo-maple-custom
  4. I've done the dhanners623 method a few times. Then I found these for my Baggs equiped. Alas, he's got supplier problems, but it seems like a simple solution. It's been my favorite lock by far. Lock for Outpur Jack Style End Pin I'm using the Tapastring Strapkeeper on my Martin. I have a second one, and was going to use it on my SJ-200 Historic collection, but the clip is too big. For that one, I am using the CinchFit . I think it's the Cinchfit that has a version for the hard-to-fit Taylor ES2 systems. I learned about it as I was selling mine.
  5. Agreed on what you hear. I do wonder why the higher mids (the thicker bright area) did not have more to say from the 36 Historic.
  6. Nice! Sounds like the differences are similar to going from one guitar to the next of the same make & model on a wall. One's got more mids while one's got thicker low end. Probably predictable, too, with the older being wide open. Same sort of sound, though. I wonder how much closer to the 1938 open sound it would be if Gibson was to make an all torrified version? Meaning more than just the top being baked. I've heard a few other makes' efforts online done that way and was very impressed. Much bigger $$....
  7. Oh, yeah! I can hear what you're talking about right away on that video. I never new those were ladder braced. You can hear it, that's for sure. That bright sheen is there on that recording. Nothing can hide. Sounds pretty good in it's own way.
  8. Awesome, MP! That looks fantastic. Congratulations!
  9. In addition to the overall experience, WW does offer discounts when asked, and are guitar specialists. Lots of win-win by using them. I'm new to them I was using a local big box store's location, but it was not because of the organization. It was the local staff at the time. The staff are no longer there, and that's all I'll say about that. For this one, I chose one folks on this board had suggested over the past few years, and was not disappointed. As far as the set up is concerned, your BF may very well like his guitars set up in a certain manner already. You can't come out and ask him. He very well may not have come to that conclusion. That makes getting low action a risky proposition. One can sand off material, but good luck getting it back. I would suggest finding out if there is a reputable Luthier in your area that actually does maintenance type work. You might have to ask some innocent questions, like the "where do you take guitars to get fixed if something happens?". Perhaps he knows of someone who is reputed to be great has their Luthier craft. If so, you're in luck. Have the store do a basic, but not too low of a setup with the understanding that he'll bring it somewhere local after the guitar has acclimated to it's new environment and your lucky BF has ironed out his preferences for that guitar.
  10. Woo Hoo! Gotta love it. Congrats! I like the rosewood overtones on my SJ-200. I would kick, whine and fuss if forced to choose between the RW and the classic Maple configuration as my only SJ-200 keeper. I'm looking forward to your pics and video.
  11. Sounds interesting. I've always wondered about the 160 and why it didn't take off like many things do after the Beatles, Stones, Led Zep, Who, et al and others put their seals of approval on by simply using, One other thing to note on the sound in the clips posted by Em7. Someone in the Beatles camp, maybe Martin, was famous for running anything of theirs that he could through a piece of outboard gear before hitting the console and tape machines. This piece of gear was a variation of a commonly used compressor, IIRC, and was run through it without activating the compressor part of it. Not so far as the gain reduction needle moving, anyhow. What the compressor did was color the harmonics to the point that they seemed brighter and deeper, but not harsh. It will not change character so much, rather it makes it more audible. Some sort of metal alloy in an electrical component within the compressor is supposedly the part that makes it different than the rest of them. However, I've tried the same with a digitally modeled emulation and had a similar result (minus the talent, room, console, mic, pre-amp, tape and more talent). Turns out that it is common practice in today's world to run outboard or software emulations directly or indirectly(parallel) before even applying the first bit of EQ or compression. My own pathetic newbie efforts took an immediatte upturn when I employed the techniques. Anyhow, hearing that chain hard at work on raw John Lennon guitar and vocals rehearsal was a real treat. Thanks for posting this, Em7. I'm no good at identifying guitars in or out of context, but it's interesting nonetheless.
  12. MP, is yours today or tomorrow? I have not gushed about an SJ-200 in a week or two. Not online, anyhow. 🙂
  13. It's magic pixie dust. Everyone's been getting their Gibsons the way they want them set up. What strange new service is this? Isn't it funny, the reaction folks get when they share low action with people? Dan Erlewine at Stewmac must get white-knuckle mad when he sees this. He likes to have his Gibsons down to 4/64 low-E and under 3/64 on the high-E. Gotta have level frets for that to work, though. In the case of my last guitar purchase, actually, I think I told the folks at Wildwood about where I like it. A week later.... I wouldn't mind some pixie dust, though. 🙂
  14. Just to clarify this part - he ordered the Epiphone online that he as now, but only after going out and about and trying many makes and models?
  15. I'm with fortyearspickn on this topic. I've done a 180 in recent years and now dig the online shopping experience. I'm 3 for 3.
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