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  1. It very well might be the case. From a visual perspective, my 17 month old Hummingbird, which was a warranty replacement, took on a different sheen the last few times out. Richer or deeper looking. Low speed melodic picking has really blossomed on it one, too, around the same time. Comparing these to my two nice non-Gibsons: My 2015 Taylor 614 (Maple x-braced) has always been a different sounding Taylor effort. Instead of blatting out pure volume, it blatts out a nice tone. That tone got richer along the way and really kicked into high gear about 3 years into ownership. On the opposite end, this years new guitar was a Martin D-41. It had several changes in the first 10 days. Some others have said similar things on their unofficial forum. I guess those need to be played a bit right from the beginning, but I don't know why.
  2. I felt the need to share. My 14-month old SJ-200 opened up it's hood and out came an increased big motor purring sound this past week. It's never had a problem with low end, but it seemed to add a flavor layer. I could feel the vibration as it just exploded outward, seemingly from within. Good times! Someone here mentioned to me, back when I got my Hummingbird, that it was fun to listen to the new Gibson acoustics open up, even over time-frames. True to form, they've each had their growth moments. 😎
  3. Guitar store setups can get interesting. Sometimes it's factory decree. Always easier to go down than up. I had to file 4 nut slots my last new guitar (Martin D-41) down .002-.003 to be somewhat uniform with string height and radius. I could go more, but it's still too soon. I normally like to wait a little bit before doing too much. What do you set your relief set to along with with these string measurements? Your specs are a lot lower than what most people post. Any loss of tone or anything? Did you have to level your frets to get to this spot?
  4. Whatever the job is, it would beat my first job out of High School at the sewage treatment plant. I was in charge of poking the floaters. Anywhooooooooooo, mine actually would be the computer data geek thing. It's what I did. I loved to do it. I didn't even want to do any GUI work. All data. Data-mining, storage, report data design, etc. Especially something along the line of complete end to end business like this one. Manufacturing to sales to distribution and on and on. The next to last gig I had was like this and I loved it. I was sad to see us sell off. Yeah, I admit - I'm sort of strange. Might be because I spent first decade in career on business side. I knew what my users wanted before they did.
  5. I wrestled a bit with the same question. There is lots of Martin love here, too. 🙂 Congratulations! Looks like a player.
  6. I put those on my SJ-200 Standard a couple months back. I like them quite a lot.
  7. I wasn't making any sort of point, rather just curious. I just got my first Rosewood B&S'ed guitar a couple weeks ago (D-41) and noticed early on that changing picks made even bigger differences than I was used to with my current guitars. I've actually been thinking of trying the Bluechip and/or Wegens. Again, curiosity.
  8. Guys, is it Rosewood that makes it so responsive to pick changes, or the J45 design?
  9. Early congrats, Sal! I'm looking forward to hearing it in your videos.
  10. I don't normally post links from wandering around this big picture-book we call the internet, but this maple-backed Hummingbird is making my mouth water. I found this just nosing around the AGF forum's classified. No affiliation or anything. Just some drool. go to picture number 7
  11. Very well done, Doug! It's always nice to see and hear an SJ in skilled hands. You and you wife perform well together, too. Very fluid and natural.
  12. The A&H looks like an impressive unit. I've never used a sound-card interface. My set up is conceptually similar, just more of what you see on you A&H is in software form. I use a Universal Audio Apollo x6, which is the first one out of four purchases over 8 years that didn't have a major flaw. I do like to do complete mixes, but it's taken me too long to learn how to do it to the point where it is at least not awful. That's only gotten to this point within the past year or so. I realize now that I bit off more than I could chew. It was mostly fun. 🙂 Plus on days where I can't play guitar, I can sometimes work on the digital end of things. Keeps my out of trouble. Mostly. 🙂 The VE8 is 20 according to the Boss site. I agree with Murph. All of your music sounds great. Well tracked, played and mixed solidly enough to enjoy.
  13. BK, Great stuff and great points. The AD-10, FWIW, is 10M Ohm. Half that of the VE-8. I do wonder if the VE-8 has some better signal management to handle such mismatches. (After some mind numbing research) According to LR Baggs technical guy(s) in their forum, they've suggested more times than not that the output of the Anthem is 3.6k Ohms. Sooooo, on the assumption front, a huge mis-fire on my part would be to assume that the old interface contributed as much noise as I had thought, though it certainly amplified it in addition to adding some of it's own. I would have to assume that the signal coming from my Anthem is just as overloaded as it was for the purpose of the AD-10, and that feeding the output from the AD-10 to the new interface will only marginally decrease noises at best. In short, nothing changes on the incoming signal. If this is correct, then other improvements made in my "studio" would be relational at best. I will certainly try, but only because I own it already. If it does not, I only have two passive resonators that would be any good with it, so may sell. On a positive note, I am encouraged to try the new interface's Line-In ports with the Anthem plugged in directly. The Mic-In ports, too, as I have some good EQ/Comp/channel strip emulation software. (API, Manley, Neve, etc) The same ones I use when I mic the acoustics these days.
  14. You know, I'm not at all sure how you got from me saying things about my situation as they minimally relate to your situations as being me trying to get the "same" results as you. I've put a ton of work and money into my studio room since I have tried my Anthem AND my AD-10. This includes a new interface with highly improved and far less noisy power supply, in/out converts and very low noise floor. Add the work I've done to the room where I've gone a long way to fixing 400Hz and up early reflections, fluttering and other nastiness that was happening. New monitors and cans so that I can hear the differences. All of this is happening, and you're making an assumption I think my none-Dove will sound the same through my anthem and AD-10 and who knows what else is in the stream as your Dove's sound through your Anthem used with a different boss product. Did you really think I was trying to be the same as you? I'm just trying to have a conversation about these things. You're ahead of me at your stage than I am at mine. Be really silly to think I couldn't learn something from talking to you and then use/apply any information gain to my own situation. So if you want to have conversations about this, fine. If not, just ignore me and I'll go away.
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