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  1. Another update as I learn and re-learn this room and what I hear. I did to that Mastering effort on the previous one, but had a quasi-senior moment toasted it. This mix was nearly a re-mix. This is all still a new experience for me. This one was an effort to open it up and have it sound like something one might hear should they want to listen to an Urban Cowboy Soundtrack CD. The Johnny Lee, "Looking For Love..." song, to be specific. I used it as a reference song as well as a few Garth Brooks numbers from No Fences album. I'm going to work on a mastering version today and maybe tomorrow. I'll post that for comparison in case anyone is interested, along with some notes on the results. The volumes are going to be close as part of much broader gain staging and volume management efforts I began with this version.
  2. Thanks for getting the images. I was going to ask how you did it, but the thought just occurred to me that it could be screen shots and I was overthinking things. Anyhow, I see two faces. The top one is an angry tribal-clown, complete with big hair on the sides and top. The second one is directly underneath it, which looks like a sharp-chinned devil face. A third one appeared, too. A shrunken head on top of the clown in place of it's top tuft of hair. It helps to have astigmatism.
  3. Wonderful! Tough one to sing. Nicely done on both counts. (sing and play..)
  4. Thanks for posting this. I've been watching it off and on while playing my SJ. I sometimes settle down into smoother sounding picking/strumming hand technique after watching other guitar players. I just learned that he is one of them.
  5. I am a sucker for the quilt Maple thing. Sam Ash site - scroll along to get to the full size pick of the back. https://www.samash.com/electric-and-acoustic-guitars/guitars-of-distinction/gibson-ltd-ed-parlor-chroma-ag-acoustic-electric-guitar-bourbon-burst-g13239008-p Sweet!
  6. That was a very nice video. Thanks for posting! I wish he had more videos. I am one of them. On a related note, do you have a favorite video that does a good job showing how to file the contact point and angle of the nut when nut filing?
  7. I'm with you. I wanted no part of that "repair" for at least two reasons.
  8. BK - My 614 is close to the edge of needing the neck re-set shim. I have to babysit the truss rod and saddles more than another other. I brought it to a taylor authorized shop. He agreed, but then wanted me to do this system that goes inside and remains adjustable by me. It's some sort of wooden dowel that goes from the back to the top and raises/lowers the top and hence, the bridge. Nothing wrong with my top, he says, but essentially gives me an adjustable bridge, he says. I ask about tone. Might not even notice, he says, or something like that. Um - no thanks. I had every intention of bringing it across county to the better tech dude, but that will have to wait a while. What I REALLY wish for, though, is that Taylor wiould sell the shim kits to the general public. I understand why not, but still.
  9. Nice playing! It's amazing, in hindsight, just how timely a good hobby can be.
  10. Nice! Thanks for posting. Did he have a truss rod sytem put into this? The truss-rod cover was odd looking, plus I had always thought they did not do them during the war.(?)
  11. I was somewhere in between. His earlier stuff was cool, I thought. Then I saw the contrived and scripted laid-back speak being poorly acted or otherwise phoned in one too many times. Now I don't know what to believe, so I don't bother. I did this one for a little while, though, as it's a topic I enjoy. Kind of dipping my toes back in. It didn't take.
  12. Very nice, EA. I enjoyed it. You and Sal turned me onto two songs I've not heard and it's not even lunch time yet. 😎
  13. It's Martin Week here until tomorrow. Then it's SJ-200 Week!!!!! 🙂 My what I'm playing is my usual pre-2k pop-rock-country-blues mixture. Most recently, as of 20m minutes ago, it was "Running of Faith". After a short break and loaded up into Notepad is "Lay Down Sally", and will probably chase it with "Magnolia" as performed by the guy that wrote it to begin with.
  14. Thanks, billroy. The whole studio experience has changed for me. Being able to hear everything is golden. This track is "enjoying" the benefits of me getting warm tones out of my system. It's got a fairly aggressive build up of the warm low-mids going on just because I could not get and hear them for years. I mixed this sans reference tracks just because I had a sound I had to get out of my system. Now I need to dial it back a little. This one's for me. 🙂 I will see it through ti a Mastered state, so to speak, and try some post-mixing totnal corrections to make it fit the more bright radio sound. It will be educational for me in the very least. Yes, the song is "Hurricane Blues", previously "Rain Blues". I think I recorded that using a Lap Steel directly plugged into an amp sim. I think I want to do it on a Dobro with a Mic. The vocals is the biggest thing I want to re-do, though. I think next, though, might be the song, "Good Morning". I think I remember us talking about that one last year. I've got 60 originals done, all with the old studio acoustics sound going. Of the 60, I've got maybe 25-30 that I want to redo. I've got at least that many songs in a mostly written state, waiting for me to on. One of them in particular has been nagging at me for 5-6 years, called the "The Battle of Bellows Falls". At any rate, I've got two 12-song albums in mind. That'll keep me busy. LOL
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