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  1. Hopefully it will just open the door for something in better shape down the road.
  2. I won't be boring and repeat the one I have coming. The one that was in second place at the time was the Historic Edition J-55. My neighborhood location is not the quietest one around, so the big booming thing would have been great for playing outside. The bigger reason was the beautiful tone that rang out with light touches on the two demos I saw. I think I might have been waiting for one more video to pop up on You Tube at one point, but the pre-war SJ-200 with the RW B&S kept tugging at me. Lars, the J-185 Historic sounds awesome. As I was removing a Maple from my big-4, I had thought of replacing it with one. That one was winning out over the Love Dove and Original Series Dove.
  3. Would that be a Gibson HD-35, minus the forward shifted bracing?
  4. I've always ordered something a bit bigger than stock and sanded it down. This is not meant to sound dickish or anything of the sort, but the answer to your question is best answered as "as high as it needs to be". In short, and way over simplified way, it's height is determined by need. Not by spec.
  5. That was a nice listen, Lars. Thanks.
  6. He also did a J-55 shoot that same day. The J-55 might have actually been runner up in my recent search. I post this only because listening to the two back to back was quite interesting in a tamed, but decisive sonic adventure sort of way. Similarities and differences both exist.
  7. I offer an early congratulations! I hope it gets to you in decent enough shape to start forming a bond in quick fashion. I saw a Smeck model listed somewhere during my recent search and forgot to mention it. I knew someone was hunting one to some extent.
  8. I've heard stories from both parents and some of their siblings about music time in the "parlor" their fathers and uncles played on through the night. I found out later that one side included a lot of brass. Grampa was a trumpet player. They actually did a local vaudeville style show back in the day. Circa 1950? I didn't know that until after he passed. No idea if he even had a trumpet. The other side was more Americana according to the tales. Some home-made percussive devices for the non-players to fill in the cracks and finish the song or otherwise join in. Neither one of them had zero interest in passing it along. THEY didn't take it up. 16 kids between the two families and only one of them did anything musically. (An Uncle played a flute in a school band.) I've long forgotten the reasoning behind it all, but that's always baffled me how that could happen. Funny thing, was that I didn't hear some these stories until I took up guitar. Strange.
  9. Fortunately, I am not without toys to enjoy as I await this beauty.
  10. I had no idea the Pre-War guitar company was 40-minutes up the road. I was actually working in that town back when my Son was born. I used to sneeze 5-10 times getting out of the car during honey-suckle season. 18-24 month backlog on new builds ATM.
  11. I've done a lot of online demo watching and listening. It's the sign of the times on so many levels. Online shopping. Can't feel the guitar. Can't hear it. It is especially difficult when your #1 set of cans goes down with a faulty 3.5mm jack. There ain't nuttin' like waiting on a $5 piece come in so that you can resume online test drives of $5k - $6.5k guitars. I'm not whining. More like laughing out loud at a modern-day frustration. Me and my Maple SJ-200 are having a good week together. Even online, that sound translates. I heard a few nice alternatives. Certainly not every Gibson I heard was up my alley. Lots of thin sounding or dull sounding options even among some big hitters with great examples around. Every single Sheryl Crow Southern Jumbo I heard sounded fantastic. Most Hummingbird and J-45 Regals I heard sounded great. Lots of the the Hummingbird Quilted Maple backs did, too, and such stunners to see even pictures of. Almost bring a tear to one's eye. I mean aside from one of the dogs farting this afternoon. The videos on the new Historic series are few and far between still, but almost every one has sounded great. I was tempted at some others, even if it meant waiting much longer. Some of them were enver, ever gonna happen, like a Bourgois decked out like a Martin D-45 with BRW along with some less expensive entries by them and Froggy Bottom. Collings, Pre-War, Boucher and Lowden all had some great sounding instruments and would have fit the wow-factor criteria. These are some crazy times, no doubt, but that aside for a moment, there are a ton of options out there and they are accessible to varying degrees.
  12. Why did I know you was gonna post that this afternoon. Such an evil enabler you are. Evil, I tell you.
  13. Tom, I've not made it through all of the recordings yet, but I have enjoyed reading your thoughts on this so far and really dig what I have heard. I can't watch 10 minutes of guitar playing without picking one up to play for 30 minutes. In essence, any one of these videos takes 30-60 minutes to get through. 🙂
  14. Just outstanding. Thanks for sharing that with us. I think I needed that.
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