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  1. On a similar topic, I've wondered about hybrid sets for the Maple SJ-200 before. Medium thin strings, light thick. 13-53 sets. Elixer calls them "HD Lights"
  2. For me, It's fun to pick out the contrasts or individual elements that they have. One comes at around 3:37 as the guy playing the SJ-200 jumps on the string attack pretty good and we get that Gibson growl. Nice! Do the same on the D-41 and the windows in my Living Room bulge outwards from the sonic blast that comes out as a result of doing the same. My RW version of the SJ-200 does the same as my Standard Maple version. Good times! Thanks for posting. (edit: I wanted to make it clear that I was not suggesting that my RW SJ-200 lacked the projection that my D41 has. To the contrary - it does quite well in that department. I was simply talking about the Gibson Growl at that point.)
  3. I thought you had a re-imagined series? Those/mine come with Sitka, not adi - at least to every site I've seen including Martin's. Is there a little secret I didn't know about?
  4. On my maple SJ-200, my favorite recorded tone has been the D'Addario EXP-16 pb, but I much preferred the Elixir Nano 80/20. There was a power factor with the lows and low-mids that I dug. Thick, but not too thick. While I do have a couple sets in my string basket, I want to try a set of DR Veritas on it. I put these on my Martin D-41 (rosewood) and loved them. I also want to try a set of DR Sunbeams on it. I've used them for my Hummingbird and Martin D41 with much success. Recently, I mistakenly ordered a set of John Pearse #650 Bluegrass (PBs) that has the E-A-D strings from a medium set and G-B-E from a set of lights. I tried these on my Hummingbird and just adore them. I might order a set for the maple SJ-200 next. I've also used the D'Addario NB quite a few times. I get a bit of an odd pick noise and resonance from them on recordings, but I like them quite a bit otherwise.
  5. Get well soon, and stay strong until you do, Jinder! All my best - PB
  6. I'd love to try one of these. It was on a very short list earlier this year when I got the rw SJ-200 pre-war historic collection. In a dream world, I'd just love to sit down with the Love Dove, J-55 RI and a 2014-ish Sheryl Crowe SJ Deluxe (whatever else it's called)
  7. Welcome, and congrats! There are experts here would probably fill you in if you posted some pics for them to see. They've forgotten more since lunch than I'll ever know.
  8. Such a nice pair, Dave. You win. 🙂
  9. Very nice! Great bit of fun, too, with your song choice and video. Congrats on your new guitar! The Dove is still on a very short list to fill the remaining slot in my small collection. I dig the looks and sound. As a fellow D-41 owner, nawp. Not too blingy. 🙂
  10. Congratulations on your new and rare find! I bet that is quite something to play and hear. I've lusted after Hummingbird Limited Edition Maple before. I didn't know or remember that they made some H45s with maple. Cool!!! Adding to what 62Burst was saying, in the even you want to do everything you can yourself, I would very much suggest purchasing an acoustic guitar setup book. Learn the measurement and adjustment techniques, including the order in which to do things in.
  11. Gotta love being too far removed from mainstream to understand slang.
  12. The are free photo hosting sites. It's pretty easy. Create an account, it will tell you how to upload pictures, and then paste the link to the picture here. The forum does a good job of recognizing and displaying a couple of types of links automatically, so you don't have to mess with anything else. Here's the site some here use. https://imgur.com/
  13. Congratulations on your newest prize. A very fine one, indeed. Funny comment about the nickels. I liked them for a while, too. That glue residue is about like mine is, fwiw.
  14. My pre-war version follows suit on both counts, Brucebubs.
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