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  1. This one's on Reverb, but it had a You Tube video link - so I posted that instead of the sales ad. fwiw, they want $7,799 plus shipping. I think it's had some play. Enough, so that the neck strap wore the finish off down below the head stock. It's at 3:34.
  2. An update. Three days ago, I put the John Pearse 80/20's on my 2018 SJ-200 Standard (Maple B&S). I do like this combo quite a bit. I took off a somewhat aged set of coated D'Add EXP16 that had mellowed out very nicely. Very warm as opposed to just plain bright when they were new early last Summer. The JPs initial noisiness was less than normal. The tone was solid by the 3rd day. They feel very nice to play, and have a decent balance. They hold up well with the low end needs for rhythm, but I would not call them very thick in the lows. Just enough, I suppose. The mids and highs are fantastic. Somewhat rounded off with less pick noise than usual. It's a pretty tone. Loud, yes, but not too loud. Musical might be a better word. Hopefully they last.
  3. Congrats for your sweetspot discovery. I put a hybrid set (bluegrass) on my Hummingbird (hog) recently and have enjoyed the thinner 3 strings being mediums instead of lights. It did very nicely with regular lights, though. Welcome to the forum!
  4. Congrats on your purges, everyone. It's tough to do.
  5. If I get any uglier it might be BuySexLiker. 🙂 I'm more of a Grogan fan, but I guess Brady did OK.
  6. LOL - yes, but they don't pick on people like me anymore. Not like they used to. The weekly rains have been good to me so far this winter, but I bet this next week is going to make me use a humidifier. Ouch! Oh, no, they don't say that. Not that you know of. (Chevy Chase's line to Bill Murray in (Caddyshack) I thought the "B's" were going to win it 2 years. I've not followed Hockey closely in over a decade, though I don't know why.
  7. Just letting it be known that I've changed my username. I'm looking forward to Springtime and the start of baseball season. The old name - "PatriotsBiker" was a combination of growing up a New England Patriots fan back in the 1970's and my love of motorcycling. It's now BoSoxBiker, which is a nod to my beloved Boston Red Sox.
  8. I liked the bit of The River in the same doc or whatever it was they were doing.
  9. Hop Dots? The close caption on You Tube suggests that as well.
  10. Boy, that does sound good. I'm digging.
  11. I had not really thought of trying a set of 80/20s on the Rosewood SJ-200. My Maple, yes. Perhaps I'll get a second set and do a comparison. I switched away from 80/20s on everything 2-1/2 years ago, but do not recall why.
  12. I'm still deciding if I like the John Pearse Bluegrass set on my Hummingbird, I've got some sinuses knocking me out of whack, so who knows. The sound seems like it's projecting very quickly, like when playing an electric guitar with a juiced up amp. My timing and groove seems to be off. On other fronts, I ended up putting standard light DR Veritas on my Rosewood SJ-200 last night. Someone on the Martin forum turned me on to these. A little bit noisy at first, but they have a vibrant, deep and complete tone. The pick noise can be aggressive, tough, and I've not had the best longevity so far. I loved them on my D-41, so why not try them on my Gibson RW. The set of Gibson coated PB lights had a B-string start to stretch apart down where the twist is near the ball end. I heard and felt it when tuning up a couple days ago. The DR Sunbeams and Veritas have not let me down yet. I look forward to trying the DR Rare strings.
  13. She used the ear-wax candle making kit box on me last year, but I was less gullible this year. That's alright, though. I retaliated with a little juvenile humor in the form of a pooping dogs calendar. Good times. 🙂 Maybe if I break in and switch the wiring..... LOL I saw that in your string post, the JPs on you SJ-200. They will go on my Maple next. I've seen some positive comments about the Santa Cruz strings. Why not try them, aside from cost. If I like them, I will have to hunt down the Straight Up strings and give them a shot. I think that EQ set has the copper in it. I might try that set on my Hummingbird again. The 'Bord is much better set up than the first time around. Much of what I did not like was the E-A and maybe D strings were sitting higher in the nut slot than other strings. Made for some uneven fretting and a little more havoc on arthritis.
  14. I was gifted a bunch of strings I had stashed away in a wish-list. Now to decide on which strings to try on on which guitar. The mediums will all go on my Martin D-41. The rest will go on my Gibson Hummingbird Standard, SJ-200 Standard and SJ-200 Historic Collection Pre-war (RW B&S). If anyone has any thoughts on the strings/guitar pairings to try, please, feel free to comment. My string box now. Some of these I had and some I've tried. Cleartone EQ (Lights) - Tried on hummingbird - mixed results. Still up in the air and wanted to try again. Cleartone Coated PB (Lights) D'Add Flat Tops PB EFT16 and EFT17 (Lights - mediums) DR Rare PB(Bluegrass and Lights) DR Sunbeam PB (Lights and Med) - Favorite for Hummingbird DR Veritas PB (Lights and Med) - Love the mediums on my D-41. Elixer Polyweb 80/20 (Lights) - These I had, but thought they were nano-web. Age and memory - bah! Anyhow, these were destined for the SJ-200 Standard. I might try a set on the RW SJ-200 for giggles. GHS Vintage Bronze (Bluegrass and Lights) Gibson 80/20 (Lights) - New lineup, I think these are the uncoated. John Pearse PB (Bluegrass, Med) - I liked the Bluegrass on my Hummingbird at first, but have grown less fond of them. John Pearse 80/20 Lights - Next up on my SJ-200 Standard La Bella PB (med) Martin PB MA550S & MA540S (Silked med and lights) - I've tried twice on the D-41 and at least once on the Hummingbird. I very nuch enjoy them, but when these went bad, it was sudden and definitive and only 2-3 weeks activity. Pyramid PB Lights - One site suggested these in lieu of a UK maker's popular string being unavailable here in the states right now. Santa Cruz Parabolic (Low and Mid) I started last year as a big D'Addario NB fan. The sunbeams replaced those. Without having tried about half the list above, the Sunbeams would be my go-to string choice. And the gift box, and hopefully a chuckle or two. Some families use gift bags. This is how I was gifted an assortment of strings.
  15. Instant notifications on threads provide non-threatening means of viewing and responding quickly.
  16. I'm sorry to hear of your possible surgical fun in the sun. It's nothing short of astounding to learn what various ailments in the head can do the the entire body. Sounds like you're taking it in the strides it needs. There's nothing easy about what you're going through. Illness can take a lot away from a person, but your spirit and outlook on life is something you can refuse to let go off. It's a good time to let one's stubborn side shine. On guitars - Maybe a cheap lap-steel? I think Epiphone was making one. Send some of that through your AD-10 and it might be quite something. Anyhow, it is easier on the arthritis for obvious reasons, but one does have to change angles with extended playing times. Change the grip on the slide early and often, like voting in Chicago 60 years ago. 😁
  17. Oh, Cool! I got a set of these this past Summer, but have not put them on my Maple SJ-200 yet. I've got several in line for it. Being pleased with the John Pearse PB Bluegrass strings, I've become more eager to try the 80/20's. Your report makes it more intriguing. The ones on it now are the EJ-16s that I mentioned earlier. They were awful for the first month or so. I kept them on for an A/B testing with my RW SJ-200 and because I had not finished a song it was featured on, and wanted to wait until I was sure I didn't need to change anything. The Maple SJ-200's strings went into that weird sounding, strings wearing out phase. Then all of a sudden, about 3 months old, they began to sound fantastic. They became quite warm sounding, complete with that little bit of thickness in every note that helps to complete a deep, maybe even rich tone. The RW SJ-200 was different. They never adjusted like that and eventually replace them with the stock Gibson coated PBs late in October. They were an improvement right away, but I'm ready for them to be gone now as they have digressed. They did start doing a transition to a less noisy, somewhat warmer existence like the EXP-16s on the Maple, but hit a brick wall and got downright awful to keep tuned. I'm think this one will get new strings this week. Maybe the Veritas like I've had in mind to use on the Maple SJ-200. btw, I agree on the coating issues of some of the Elixers. I know I get that feeling, but I don't remember which version it is. Maybe it's both. I still have the 80/20s that I thought would end up being the ones for the Maple, but it's fun to experiment and I already know what these will do.
  18. I did listen with very nice headphones (Focal Elegia). The Gibson Hummingbird did not sound good at all compared to how I hear my own Standard Gibson Hummingbird or almost any demo I've heard online. Something was off. It was like round wound strings got re-installed, or something. No so much later as earlier in it's portion of the test. Both the Hummingbird and the J45 epi tests showed me that the low-mids were more functional than I anticipated. Oddly enough, it didn't sound that way in the test that Em7 posted. Could be a microphone difference. It would be for Antertons to use a mic that shows off positive tonal attributes when they are trying to sell guitars. I almost wrote Arterton, not Anderton. I guess Gemma was on my mind again. To be young again. <sigh> back to topic. I heard a sort of inability to handle the load on both the Epi J45 and the SJ-200 tests. It sounded like a speaker when it can't handle the volume or something. Maybe like they were not breathing or opened up yet? . I know when I play a nicer guitar verses one that isn't so nice, that the nicer ones (Standard or above Gibsons and their Martins, Taylors etc) sounded like the sound energy was centered in a different place and projecting much differently. I wonder of any of these new inspired by series give off something akin to that feeling.
  19. Is it really any different than what's been going on here? (fwiw - if I didn't like you, I would not have responded and just walked away like I was going to do. )
  20. Agreed. It's become a very tired, worn out and predictable act performed by the same two people.
  21. Something in the signal chain is doing a lot of compressing in the Sweet Rosebud video. There's also some skill in play with the "Instrument" placement. Even tilting the mic up a bit to reduce changes of low-mid murkiness. A combination of things happening. The benefit is that we get to hear clarity in the guitar and the whispery female vocals all in one take and one mic. Being always curious on this topic, I clicked on another one of their videos for a listen. In this one, pasted below, they over-dubbed their song with a little guitar played bass-line. Look at the DAW shown at 1:14. One can see the over-dubbed bit being tracked. The wave-form of the overdubbed track looks like a side-angle shot of a steak rather than a traditional up and down wave-form like the track just above it does. Notice that the main track isn't all over the place, either. Could be natural compression from the mic for all we know. This doesn't mean the video 62Burst posted was tracked in the same manner as the overdub, rather it just shows us that they do know how to get and use a heavily compressed signal. Compression is not a bad thing. It has it's uses. Remember, in many cases, compression is as much about pushing up lower volume elements as it is knocking higher volume elements down a bit. On the OP's thread's broad topic of learning to record side of things, I think the take away I'm getting is to take another look at both mic placement and signal compression when I try to do one take singer-songwriter style efforts. Look at 1:14 for the DAW in view.
  22. On a similar topic, I've wondered about hybrid sets for the Maple SJ-200 before. Medium thin strings, light thick. 13-53 sets. Elixer calls them "HD Lights"
  23. For me, It's fun to pick out the contrasts or individual elements that they have. One comes at around 3:37 as the guy playing the SJ-200 jumps on the string attack pretty good and we get that Gibson growl. Nice! Do the same on the D-41 and the windows in my Living Room bulge outwards from the sonic blast that comes out as a result of doing the same. My RW version of the SJ-200 does the same as my Standard Maple version. Good times! Thanks for posting. (edit: I wanted to make it clear that I was not suggesting that my RW SJ-200 lacked the projection that my D41 has. To the contrary - it does quite well in that department. I was simply talking about the Gibson Growl at that point.)
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