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  1. Hii guys, I just wondered what kind of model you wished Epiphone would bring out ;D I would love to see an Epiphone version of the Gibson es-225 with one P90 and a trapeze tailpiece.. Just let your mind go and say what you want!;D
  2. Thanks man, ill call it tobacco burst ;P
  3. I wouldn't say it isn't but i looked at some photo's and it looks like it is too dark for an VS model.. (but I don't have much light here now..) soo ill make some photo's with the whole guitar so you can see it better ;D
  4. Hello, I have an Epiphone les paul (1st picture) with serial nurmber: U00080672, Unsung Korea august 2000. I wonder wich colour and model it is, I only saw an Epi LP twelve string (2nd picture) with almost the same colour. They say that it's a vintage sunburst but the colour is to red/brown for a vintage sunburst and to dark for a honey burst.. On the unofficial Epiphone wiki I read that Epiphone LP Plus-Tops are made from 2003.. So if somebody knows wich model and colour it is please let me know couse I'm very curious!
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