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  1. I've a Vox 10W with Epi Les Paul. So far they were running nice until a few days ago. The amp I found do not sound in it's clear mode but overdrive. After some investigation I found following things: #1 Output from guitar seems okay I tried to test with my one Vox amplug to ensure guitar output is okay, I didn't found any problem. Furthermore, in overdrive mode the amp sounds, so output does seems okay. #2 Took to local mechanic I took the amp to a local mechanic; he tested the guitar cable with his meter, found that is okay. He also tried an input from mobile to amp - and we found amp sounds okay in both clear and overdrive mode! So as I was initially thinking there is some problem in clear/overdrive switch - that chance also became fade. But whenever I plugged my guitar to the amp, it do not sounds in clear mode at all. Any idea what may go wrong? Thanks!
  2. I love to buy a 339 someday...
  3. Nice comparison demo. I think it's more clear that in the low range of amps, Vox has a very clear sound than Marshall - it's (Marshall) very nasty stage performing equipment.
  4. I've a very small setup. And this is my budget amp. Though it's pretty good, it can run even Marshall or Fender amp. in this budget range! It's superb! It's Vox Pathfinder 10 with a vox Bulldog 6.5".
  5. I need my amp now. I'm going to buy this time now
  6. @Vinlander, do you really use them, or they're always used to be like this new ;)
  7. This is killing man! I hope I'd have one someday!
  8. mm... I wasn't sure, but I've purchased Ernie Ball 2221 Nickel Regular Slinky 10-46 - is that what you meant in your past post? though I've seen many other flavors other than 'regular' - hope this is good for LP (?)
  9. Doesn't Gibson or Epiphone ships strings separately (?) I haven't seen such link anywhere! EDIT: I've placed an order with Amazone for the same. Thanks RaSTuS!
  10. If I want to change my LP Standard guitar strings, what should be best (?) Is there any web links perhaps (?) where I can buy from!
  11. Ah Great Lord!! This is the problem why I mentioned to write down the 'extra' goodies over the boxed pack!! They should be written clearly over the box package!! I've purchased my Epi Les Paul Standard online from a US dealer and I'm now see these things were missing from my package!! - 3. 10’ Economy Cord – This comes with all electric and acoustic/electric instruments. 6. eSonic/eSonic-2 User’s Manual – This goes into details regarding the features, benefits and use of our preamp system that is used in most of our acoustic/electric guitars. This comes with only acoustic/electric guitars. 7. Truss Rod Adjustment Wrench – Remember… if you don’t know how to adjust your truss rod, don’t attempt it. You could do permanent damage to your instrument. If you think an adjustment is needed, take it to an authorized service center. • All “Packs”: Gigbag Great lord!! They've theft my goodies!! oh god
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