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  1. Thanks RaSTuS!Good to be here! Ok yeah that sounds more like it.. It is faulty and sent back by the guy that bought it and it gets repaired as quickly and with less cost as possible (as warranties go).. and then it gets sent to the refurb. dealers.. But bottom line is, they have had the "bugs" worked out of them and repaired as new and reinspected.Right now as a New player I am not concerned with re-sale value.If I like it enough to buy it, I would want to keep it. I guess if the Refurb is not a good deal to begin with (50 dollars less than new) then it is no bargain. But if it is something that you like and its 100 dollars less than new.Think it is worth taking the risk?
  2. Has anyone bought a "refurbished" guitar on Ebay and regretted it? Pleased with it? Back of the headstock has a light "used" stamped on it. It is a guitar that has not even made it out of the factory but QC sent it back because of a cosmetic flaw in finish,scratchy pots, even some structual repairs.But they are repaired back in the factory and sold to certified refurbish dealers. I am sure sight unseen the dealers selling them can lie about what is wrong with them, but as an Ebay member who has 100% positive feedback.How can you go wrong, especially when you are getting up to a 50% savings and a 7 days to try the guitar out yourself? I am skeptical about this though. Thing is if you buy a "used" guitar from someone on Ebay, isn't there more of a risk? They can lie all about repairs. A refurbished guitar has not left the factory before it has been repaired and tested 100%, but they just can't sell them as "new" so they stamp used on it and it has no Manufacturer warrenty and they scratch the end numbers of the serial numbers off. I guess I am trying to talk myself into it.GC and other places scare you into buying the "extra" warrentee, Money you could have bought a hard case for. I can not find much about "refurbished" guitars in forums..People wont admit to having the "used" mark on the back of the headstock?
  3. I want to buy the sunburst silver/black.. The only difference is the pickguard and finish? What about a slimmer neck? Guitar Center does not have the '66 limited to compare to the G400. The '66 limited is $50.00 more than the standard. Plus they don't make that sweet silver/black in the G400's.. Is this enough of a reason to pay the extra 50 bucks?
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