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  1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/163697225625720/
  2. I recently bought my 1st mandolin, a Kentucky KM-950 converted to lefty. This model goes for a bit more than your budget but they make a wide range, with plenty cheaper. They get rave reviews for an Asian-made instrument & I'm more thsn happy with mine so far.
  3. thx...mine also has wider nut (1.8) & radiused fretboard to suit my big hands
  4. Its early days but signs are encouraging, its a lot of fun
  5. I recently took delivery of my 1st mandolin, not a Gibson as I need to decide if I can progress sufficiently before investing properly! Its a righty Kentucky KM-950 converted to lefty & I took my 1st Skype lesson on the instrument yesterday evening - what a blast! So much more intuitive than guitar, wish I'd tried one years ago....
  6. thx everyone....she should arrive today
  7. Good to hear...mine is wide neck too but X braced
  8. Not a Gibson I know but I'm excited about this baby which is on its way to me from www.jerrysleftyguitars.com
  9. Basically I just pick up my guitar & start to play whichever tune I'm currently working on. I always mean to do exercises & things first but somehow it never happens. I do focus on a song for a long time though, several weeks, until I know the chord progression by heart, then work out the melody, then work in some base runs & finally try to pick out bits of the melody in between the chords & base runs. Once I've got all of this down, I'll work on singing whilst playing more than just chords - always a challenge!
  10. Always played lefty....just didn't feel right the other way, especially for strumming. Never had a big problem finding guitars I really wanted but lack of instant supply probably saved me making many mistaken purchases!
  11. Nice! As featured on the UK's Andrew Marr Show couple of weeks' ago
  12. I love these guys. Caught them supporting Chatham County Line here in UK in 2014 & since bought all their albums. Amazing music, lyrics, musicianship & yes, she's pretty cute too ;-)
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