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  1. No disrespect to anyone ...but bottom line Gibson does let defects out the door and for the price of their guitars they could do a better job. That is a direct reason why companies like paul reed smith blossomed. Quality control. Yes, he could have inspected/noticed it when he bought it, but that doesn't change the fact Gibson shipped it out the door. He didnt flame anyone, he simply realized an issue and asked for help. I have experienced the exact same issue as well as others, I don't flame, I express my concern ...then bought another one. Nothing touches that killer Gibson grind in m
  2. First, thanks for the kind responses. Another member posted a similar issue and was told by some members there was no defect, that it was HIS fault, his technique. Fortunately, with years of experience WE know when something is wrong. I really, really love the sound and feel of a les paul, nothing comes close, in my opinon. The replacement les paul should be here in the next day or two. I'm praying it's all good. I really hated to send the first one back, cosmetically it was perfect, not a single flaw. But, the e string issue and resonance issue were unacceptable. dcooper830: A new
  3. YES, it is a defect. I just posted about a new 2011 les paul that had the same issue. ANY player with experience should be able to pull off on the high e string without the high e string flying off of the fretboard. Either the nut was cut bad ...to close to the edge of the fretboard, or the binding was rolled in too close to the fretboard. Do NOT accept a defect like that. And don't accept other posters blaming it on you. That really disgusts me. For you to notice this and experience this is proof that there is an issue. I've never experience it before on any guitar i've ever owned.
  4. I bought my first les paul in 1986. I left and went to heritage because i felt gibson's quality control had lost their passion for putting out quality guitars. Now I'm back. I bought a new Les Paul Traditional Professional Plus ...as gibson calls it. It was from a major online retailer. Problems: The high e string is way to close to the edge of the fretboard, and it IS a manufacturing defect. I played other Les Pauls in a local shop and none of them displayed the same issues. ANY pull downward and the string was sliding off of the fret, that is a defect, not a player error. Mor
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