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  1. Never had a Nighthawkm so I haven't given the PU's on them any thought. I have an Epi double cutaway LP Special. The stock P-90's were okay, but I upgraded them to Duncan SP90-2's. Not being a fan of ceramics, I pulled those and put in an A8/A5 mag pair in the bridge, and a pair of A5's in the neck. Great tones now. Try swapping mags on your Gibson double cut before buy...

  2. 490's have A2's, which means lots of mids, rounded high end, loose low end, and lower output. What makes A2's so popular is that they have a lot of dynamics which gives them an organic sound. 498T's have A5's, which have a lot of treble and bass, sharp highs, scooped mids, a firm low end, and relatively high output. Paired together the bridge is pretty bright and the neck pr...

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