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  1. The height adjustment springs are long and narrow, just a little bigger than the screw diameter. PM me with your address and I can send you some for free.
  2. They are not American-made Seymour Duncan's, they're 'Duncan Designed', made in Asia. The materials and windings aren't as good, so teh tone isn't either. I wouldn't spend my money, not much of an upgrade, if at all. Your best bet is to look on eBay for used high quality PU's, which is how I get most of mine, usually for around half price. You're much better off with a used Duncan, DiMarzio, or Gibson, than a new Asian-made PU. Much more PU for the money. If one of those you're looking at isn't even working, you're totally throwing your money away. Upgrading PU's on a mid-price imp
  3. Is the PU too low, which would have less spring tension and make it wobble. I'd just put on higher-tension springs, which I have spares of.
  4. PU's make a HUGE difference and it doesn't have to break the bank. I have a few G-400's and have upgraded PU's in all of them. They went from so-so to sounding great. I buy most of my PU's used on eBay, for around half price, $35 to $45. You can get Schaller and Carvin HB's even cheaper, for around $20 to $30 each. G-400's are good guitars, the PU's are the weakest link, as they are on most Epi's. Don't expect the PU's on a midprice import to compete with the PU's on a high-end American-made guitar. Put a pair of Duncans or Gibsons in an Epi, and the playing field gets almost level
  5. Along with blues players Luther Allison & Larry Garner. Dave Spector and Rusty Zinn play Rivieras.
  6. Mini's are pretty bright, are you sure that's what you want?
  7. Why not put a couple A2's in your BBP's? Only costs several dollars.
  8. The Duncan site has a bunch of great wiring diagrams. Move the lug the cap's on if you need to.
  9. +1. Put some BB's in an Epi, and how many players could tell that apart from a Gibson by sound alone?
  10. Nice! I'm glad Epi came out with these. I put a roller bridge on my P-93 (from StewMac) and upgraded PU's, although the stock ones were decent.
  11. Do you know what the production count was on mine? Can't have been very many. Maybe a few hundred. I've heard that there was 500 made of the red maestro SG's, and the milk-white Customs had to be less. I've played or owned 6 of the Epi maestro SG's, and all were made from heavy, hard woods.
  12. +1. My Casino is also loud acoustically. Great guitar.
  13. My SG Custom is one of the alpine white ones with a maestro. All the wood is rock hard, and heavy. No neck flex at all.
  14. Another tip: tuners get blamed, and often replaced, when most tuning problems are actually the strings catching in the nut slots. Easy fix is using a little graphite powder there, the kind used on padlocks. That solves 90% of 'tuner' problems.
  15. I have a bunch of Epi's, and only upgrade the PU's, as that does more to improve the tone quality than everything else put together. No need to replace the pots, toggle, jack, or wiring unless they're shorting out. Some guys will tell you that replacing the pots and wire harness makes a big difference; others do it and say they can't hear any difference. Put your money in PU's; a set of good PAF's (Duncan, DiMarzio, Gibson, Lollar, Fralin, etc) are ideal. I'm not thrilled with Gibson '57's; they're high-quality, but sometimes it can be hard to get the tones you want. I like Burstbuck
  16. Love my Epi's! I upgrade the PU's and do my own set ups (as I would with any other brand). I get many compliments on my tones.
  17. Bridge, stop bar, tuners; that runs into money, more than you want to spend. Just wipe down the gold hardwrae after you're done playing and it looks good for years.
  18. Glad to hear Epi stepped up their game with PU's. The competition is getting tough. I think one day just about all mid-price imports will have Duncan/DiMarzio/Gibson PU's. In the meantime, they're gradually getting there.
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