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  1. Your GA19RVT is one of my all time favorite amps and I hope to come across one someday.
  2. I'm in the same boat as V. Not a dumb question.
  3. I believe that you are correct in that the ES-335s are all made in Memphis now. Five years ago many of them were being made in Nashville. I had an ES-355 built for me in Nashville five years ago their build quality at that time was much better at that time. I think that is still the case. I have seen a number of guitars that have come out of Memphis in the last few years and have not been impressed by their output.
  4. Thanks for adding me as a Friend

  5. This is just about the best post I have ever seen in this forum. I am glad they stepped up to plate and really took care of you and hope that really get to play the heck out of that beautiful guitar.
  6. Wow, sorry to hear about your problem and it is quite evident in the photos. I do hope Gibson makes it right. It is really hard to fathom how they could let a guitar from such a limited run of the factory like that!
  7. Guitar Center IS Musician's Friend and if I'm not mistaken, in addition to owning Musician's Friend they also have controlling interest in Gibson. If you are going to shop MF, only shop the Private reserve GUitars and work with Chris Swope. Prior to MF, Chris worked for several years in the Gibson Custom Shop building guitars for the people like Joe Bonamasa. I too now go to Sweetwater where I bought my last 2 guitars. My guy Ed Needler has taken good care of me.
  8. Wow! that is sure a pretty one. Bet it sounds great too. There appears to be a great deal of confusion between a factory limited run (what's on the web site and available to the general public) and custom order limited run (special limited runs on models specified and ordered by individual preferred retailers such as Wildwood, Sweetwater, et.al). There are also certain models that are only built in Nashville while most models are built in Memphis. I understand that much of the old wood carving machinery from Kalamazoo is in Nashville. My understanding is that the Historics are made
  9. It looks fantastic! I love the ES-355. I had one built a few years ago and had a TP-6 tailpiece installed instead of a stop Tailpiece. Are you sure it was made in Memphis? The 2011 ES-355s were mostly made in the Nashville Custom Shop where the Historics were all made there. Let me know what the label inside says.
  10. An ES-355 without an ebony fretboard just isn't right. At least they didn't put a Varitone on it.
  11. I really like the Sorrento and almost pulled the trigger on the reissue from 2012. I bought another acoustic (Parlor size) instead. Is yours Royal Olive or Natural?
  12. I love the ES-355. Although I'm partial to Vintage Sunburst. I believe that yours may have been built in Nashville by the Historics team.
  13. Charlie, Gibson Custom Shop will build either an ES-345 or ES-355 as a custom order. Two years ago I had them build me an ES-355 to my specs and I love it.
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