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  1. Sorry Bluesy but there just ain't no contest. No, they do NOT use the same woods. The Gibson woods are of higher quality and the construction is far better. It is for this reason alone that model for model the sound is different. Yes, I agree that for some models it gets darn close but it is not the same. I'll give you an example from personal experience: Many, many years ago I had a Gibson ES345 1964. Like so many of us on here I sold it and have regretted it ever since. I din't ever think I would own a similar Gibson again. When Epiphone brought out their version of the ES345 I was elated. I ordered one in advance and made extensive high grade modifications. It was a damn good guitar no question. But then I came by a bit of money unexpectedly at the same time Gibson started making reissue ES345s. I could not resist and got a 1959 reissue ES345. Not the same as my 1964 but - in my opinion - even better. I was obviously able to directly compare the Epiphone with the Gibson. The difference was astonishing. Just no comparison. The Gibson was leagues better. The Epiphone was nowhere near the same class (and sound). I got rid of the Epiphone. Case closed.
  2. Interesting. But that is correctable.
  3. For $10 I'd get a new horn pick. For $10,000 I'd get a Collector's Choice Les Paul.
  4. Quite. I absolutely can't see the point.
  5. One day our "Revolutionista" might post something that is actually of interest.
  6. Quite. Another non-post by our revolutionary friend.
  7. Yes, it is wood. For goodness sake look it up before you embarrass yourself further. It is wood and there is nothing wrong with the use of veneer on instruments.
  8. Pin


    I think Eric you have been offered some good advice. The fault is with the retailer and not Gibson. Just as a little rider to dh2087's comment above I would count myself as a "Richlite hater" but not because it is "no good" (all the evidence from what I hear is that it is very good indeed) but simply because I am a dyed-in-the-wool traditionalist who profoundly believes in the use of proper wood on musical instruments.
  9. That's what I think. It is a pretty rough faux paint job in photoshop or something similar. Nuts idea anyway.
  10. The alternative (and correct) perspective is - ruined.
  11. Very nice guitars Grog. Now I could very seriously fancy an ES Les Paul with a Varitone and MHS pickups.
  12. Not a provocation at all drew. Again I couldn't bear a G-force thingy on my guitars but as you describe your circumstances there is a plain purpose to it and so why not? If it makes life easier and it would surely do that given a need to change tunings frequently and on stage then by all means...it makes perfect sense.
  13. Arrrrrgh! I haven't played a Richlite board (and personally wouldn't buy one) but people who have say they are as good as ebony to play. It is a great looking guitar! Good luck and enjoyment with playing it!
  14. Many years ago I used Cubase 4 and then left recording out for years. Recently back into it again and still with Cubase (9.5 pro). But an awful lot to learn!
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