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  1. Sorry Bluesy but there just ain't no contest. No, they do NOT use the same woods. The Gibson woods are of higher quality and the construction is far better. It is for this reason alone that model for model the sound is different. Yes, I agree that for some models it gets darn close but it is not the same. I'll give you an example from personal experience: Many, many years ago I had a Gibson ES345 1964. Like so many of us on here I sold it and have regretted it ever since. I din't ever think I would own a similar Gibson again. When Epiphone brought out their version of the ES345 I was elated. I ordered one in advance and made extensive high grade modifications. It was a damn good guitar no question. But then I came by a bit of money unexpectedly at the same time Gibson started making reissue ES345s. I could not resist and got a 1959 reissue ES345. Not the same as my 1964 but - in my opinion - even better. I was obviously able to directly compare the Epiphone with the Gibson. The difference was astonishing. Just no comparison. The Gibson was leagues better. The Epiphone was nowhere near the same class (and sound). I got rid of the Epiphone. Case closed.
  2. Other than being a bit battered (nothing to do with Gibson), my 25 / 50 is absolutely fine. Nowt wrong with the quality of build at all.
  3. Interesting. But that is correctable.
  4. That's what I think. It is a pretty rough faux paint job in photoshop or something similar. Nuts idea anyway.
  5. Very nice guitars Grog. Now I could very seriously fancy an ES Les Paul with a Varitone and MHS pickups.
  6. Not a provocation at all drew. Again I couldn't bear a G-force thingy on my guitars but as you describe your circumstances there is a plain purpose to it and so why not? If it makes life easier and it would surely do that given a need to change tunings frequently and on stage then by all means...it makes perfect sense.
  7. Arrrrrgh! I haven't played a Richlite board (and personally wouldn't buy one) but people who have say they are as good as ebony to play. It is a great looking guitar! Good luck and enjoyment with playing it!
  8. Many years ago I used Cubase 4 and then left recording out for years. Recently back into it again and still with Cubase (9.5 pro). But an awful lot to learn!
  9. Not with me it isn't JAF. My Epiphone SG-400 dives like Billy-Oh even with "grippy" straps. In fact it was so bad that I placed lead fishing weights (about 3 ozs) inside the control cavity which hardly makes a difference to the weight of the guitar but completely stopped the diving. The weights do not move they are fixed to the bottom opposite corner of the cavity to the neck. Result = complete satisfactory solution to a problem which irritated the hell out of me.
  10. Fair enough Black Dog and my apologies for undue sensitivity.
  11. I hope your comment isn't aimed at me because if it is then I heartily resent it. I make no comment whatsoever about anyone's playing skill. Truth be told I reckon just about every poster on this website plays better than me. Who exactly is telling anyone that they "should share" this opinion or that opinion. I don't think I have ever done that in any post I have ever posted on this site and certainly not within this thread. I don't getting where you are coming from mate. Don't get it at all.
  12. Maybe (partly) explains why I like nibs so much. I can honestly say that this just doesn't ever happen with me (no matter what guitar it is).
  13. It is probably better to simply agree to disagree Sabredog. You are not going to change my mind about nibs in a million years and vice versa I fancy. As for other manufacturers I really wish my Yamaha SG did have nibs but it hasn't. I can happily live with that because it is a superb guitar anyway.
  14. Re your last main paragraph and the link: http://www.gibson.com/News-Lifestyle/Features/en-us/Undercut-Fret-Over-Binding.aspx Taking the paragraph quoted above and the content of the link my thoughts are thus: Self-justificatory Sales Bollocks. Pure and Simple. But as Merciful said above - a lot of us just don't believe a word of it and prefer the original version of Gibson binding. But as I said, you like it done Yamaha style and that's fine by me. It isn't as if Gibson never did it your way. I think the Les Paul Recording is not nibbed and never has been.
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