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  1. Sorry Bluesy but there just ain't no contest. No, they do NOT use the same woods. The Gibson woods are of higher quality and the construction is far better. It is for this reason alone that model for model the sound is different. Yes, I agree that for some models it gets darn close but it is not the same. I'll give you an example from personal experience: Many, many years ago I had a Gibson ES345 1964. Like so many of us on here I sold it and have regretted it ever since. I din't ever think I would own a similar Gibson again. When Epiphone brought out their version of the ES
  2. Other than being a bit battered (nothing to do with Gibson), my 25 / 50 is absolutely fine. Nowt wrong with the quality of build at all.
  3. I have away for a few weeks (not actually away but off the site) and have come back to news that Farns has gone. Sad news. I always thought that he could be a tad aggressive at times but always with a valid reason. He was certainly a person who posted interesting things and that is what I valued. I have to say that sometimes I feel the site is a little boring (not intended as a criticism of any poster) in that there is only so much NGD or NAD that I can stand looking at and such themes tend to dominate at times. Of course I can fairly be criticised insofar as I am wide open to the
  4. I use a Dr Z (the one with the extra bedroom settings option) attenuator with my Mesa Maverick and it does the job fine.
  5. Interesting. But that is correctable.
  6. I wish them all the very best. Harry is a decent cove...and Meghan seems an intelligent and capable girl (she certainly looks great!). I'm certainly not a Royalist "nut" but then I'm not anti-Royalist either.
  7. And I can all so easily imagine myself doing ALL of that!
  8. Thanks for the heads up on this book. It looks really interesting and well written.
  9. Now that is what I call a repairman! Real craftsmanship. The repair is wonderful. No wonder Dweezil was pleased.
  10. For $10 I'd get a new horn pick. For $10,000 I'd get a Collector's Choice Les Paul.
  11. Government agencies all too often manifest as like the inquistors of a Kafka novel. If you have read Kafka you know it is better to give up sooner than later.
  12. I certainly understand the need for some such system as CITES and also other rules about such things as Ivory. However, I do get hot under the collar about "old stuff" (wood and ivory that is already dead and perhaps died long ago) getting destroyed. I understand about fakery and crooks pretending a piece of ivory or timber is 50 years old when it was culled last year and this issue must be addressed. But I freak out when people talk about destroying guitars that are already made (send them to schools for God's sake!) or mincing up an ivory statue made in 1850.
  13. I see they do a stereo so that'll keep the original ES345 and ES355 owners happy!
  14. I try to play every single day even if it is for literally ten minutes. I do notice - really notice - if I miss a single day even of brief practice. My mitts seem even more ham-like than before the day after. It is true that there are days when my fingers just won't do what I want them to do. In truth this happens most days. What is your guitar playing schedule?
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